He's Kinda Hot

What happens to a group of 4 friends when sisters, drugs and issues are introduced to them? Will it be she's kinda hot or he's kinda hot

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7. I Need Help

Ashton's POV

I was just about to get up when Calum walked in.

He had a worried expression on his face, "What's wrong?" Asked but based on his expression I could already tell what was wrong. "I need help." He exclaimed putting his hands in my shoulders. "With what?" By that look I could tell he finally realized what he really needs help with. "I need help with the drugs and with Keira." He sighed running his fingers through his raven hair. "Of course I help you, Cal. You're my best friend," I said giving him a little hug, "Now come on we gotta meet up with the boys"

The ride to to Fresh Ice (like our favorite meet up place) was really long and quiet.

Calum broke the akward silence when he finally asked how he should break up with Keira, I tell him "We're going to ask Michael because he's always breaking up with girls.... He's a pimp." He blushes at the mention of Michael's name.

"I know he's a pimp," he said making quotations with his fingers when he said pimp, "I lived with him he got a hoe every fucking night," he continued, "Hey don't swear!" I said scolding him, I hate it when they swear. "Yeah you and Michael had the funniest bromance ever" I say and see a beat red Calum sitting next to me he looks like he's trying to be mad but he looks like he's about to burst out laughing.

You see Calum had a huge crush on Michael and Michael had a huge crush on Calum but either of them knew that the other liked them and neither of them grew a pair and asked the other out than Calum and Keira started going out, but Calum still turns bright ass red and looks away at any mention of Michael's name. That's also why he barely ever talks to Michael.

When we finally got there. Michael and Luke were sitting in a booth, waiting for us. This is way off topic but Luke is looking extremely hot today.

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