He's Kinda Hot

What happens to a group of 4 friends when sisters, drugs and issues are introduced to them? Will it be she's kinda hot or he's kinda hot

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6. Alone With My Thoughts

Ashton's POV

I sat in the living room alone with my thoughts:

I dropped out of college.

I got dumped my the same girl several times.

I'm really not that smart even though I come off that smart.

I got told I got bad brains on many occasions.

I can't see my brother, Harry and my sister, Lauren, haven't seen them in like forever.

My father doesn't approve of my sexuality, he said he doesn't understand how someone can be attracted to both boys and girls.

I have many mental issues. And a crap load more that I don't wanna even think about at this moment. I wish Calum would talk to me but he sits in his room getting high and getting his rear end chewed off by his girlfriend and this therapist lady.

Calum's POV

As I sat in my room, isolated from everyone and everything I got to thinking: why did I even start to do drugs in the first place? Why don't I have a healthy and happy relationship with my girlfriend? Why I don't hang out with my friends anymore? Do I even have friends anymore? Why do I exist? Why'd my mother have me when she had a perfect little girl or so she says? And here come my best judgment of answers: 1: because I always thought everyone was better than me. 2: because she doesn't let me learn from my mistakes, but then again I keep making the same mistakes. 3: because I do drugs and keep myself isolated up in my bedroom. 4: probably not. 5: because my dad and mom fucked and about 9 months later I popped out that pussy. 5: because I even out the family, she had a perfect daughter so she had and imperfect son and I made it so there was two girls and two boys in the family. I really gotta go talk with Ash. I hate being alone with my thoughts.

I decided to go out there with Ashton

Ashton's POV

I was just about to get up when Calum walked in.

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