Love Is An Adventure

in a small town in Connecticut a girl named Ariel would do anything in the world to capture the attention of Andrew, the guy she believes is her future husband. one day when Ariel gets the news that Andrew is moving she is determined to do every thing she can to see him, even if it means follow him to Manhattan.


1. The Big News

Today is the day i have been waiting for, the day i will tell Andrew that i love him.

I have been up all night thinking about how i am going tell him.Worst of all how will he react when i tell him I wonder if he will fill the same way or in worst case he wont even no who i am.Andrew is the nicest boy in the universe he is tall, has hazel eyes and brown hair.Did i forget to mention that he is popular, yeah a girl like me would have no chance with him. 

Sorry about blabbering about Andrew.Hear is some info about me that you might want to no if you are going to read this book.Ariel is my name and i am 13 years old and go to hunters middle school in a small town in Connecticut.My parents are split up and we are not the most rich family on the world what i am saying is that we are kinda poor.I live with my mom and my dad lives in Manhattan he is a writer just like me.That is all there is to no about me i am pretty much an open book except the fact that i am in love but you already no that.

Oh my gosh mom hurry up i am going to be late for the last day of school" the car engine started and all i could do was chew all of my nails off .All the thoughts were running around in my mind how is Andrew going to react to all of this.As all of this was buzzing around in my mind i saw Andrew walking on the side walk. I could not help but stare at him.Then the worst thing humanly possible happened my mom rolled down the window and asked him is he wanted a ride.inside a part of me was melting cause i may get to sit with him in the back seat, the other wanted to kill my mom cause she knew i liked him sense 5th grade. he walked over to our car and jumped in right next to me while thanking my mom for the ride. he looked right at me and smiled i did not no what to do so i just smiled back. my mom looked back at me in the mirror giving me the look.The look consisted of her moving her eyebrows with a grin on her face. so i gathered up the courage to ask Andrew why he was walking to school. he replied with a competently different subject "arnt you the girl form my home room, Ariel". i was kinda confused cause he dodged the question but i said "yes the girl who has been in your class for 4 years".Andrew replied with "really it been that long i wish i would have talked to you, you seam nice".i was wondering why he said that. then i guess he saw how i was confused and said " i am moving i thought every on would no bye now it spread around the school pretty fast".i should have known bye now  i thought oh wait i have no friends no wonder why i don't no. the world around me was coming to a end the boy i love is moving. i did not just want to sit there like i was died so i asked "were are you moving to". he replied with "Manhattan" and this is when i had an amazing idea my dad lives in Manhattan i could go visit him in the summer so i would have more time with Andrew. i was thinking of something to say when the car stopped and my mom said "we are at school time for you guys to get out good luck on the last day of school". we continued are talk while we were walking to class. the looks i got as we were walking down the hall way haven't people seen a popular guy talking to a not so popular girl. wait no one has this is a achievement that needs to be wrote down in the world recorded book. Andrew was not only nice and cute but he was funny to he was talking about his siblings he has 2 and he is the oldest. hunters middles school seamed so small cause we were at are class already. Andrew said "oh we are hear already, i have to go to my locker hope to see you aging today but is not it was nice to meat i really hope to talk to you before i move" and he leaned in to me and gave me a hug. i was having a fan girl moment the guy i am in love with just hugged me and now he is walking out of my life forever. how am i going to live with my self i never got to tell him the big news. 


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