Wizard parents

If I was to explain who I am you probably wouldn't understand. But I'm going to explain anyway.

I am Harley Reaper, a wizard and my magic is demon slayer magic. That means my magic runs on souls (I really don't like that part, makes me seem like a psychopath).

So I was sent to the underworld with a ring leader to find a box. A box that would feed me souls so I wouldn't have to kill when I turn 18. Wes, doesn't seem all there (if you know what I mean); he's distant.

I miss my sister, Harriet. Back at the clan we're known as the Reaper twins. We are the most feared in the clan but our family -the Reapers- is the most feared out of all the main wizard clans.

I have no idea who I am anymore, Wes is the only one I have left. We're lost in this forsaken world.


9. Chapter 9

Chapter 9:


Sexy wiggly eyebrow movements, That's all I'm getting from Wes right now.


"Damn your eyebrows." I say, Wes keeps looking me up and down.


"You look very sexy Miss Reaper, I especially love the short-shorts." Men, frigging men.


"They are not short-shorts! They're light weight armor!" I exclaim, the Taylor is looking at me approvingly of his work.


"She is correct, Master Wes-" Did the Taylor just wink at Wes? "They are light weight armor shorts, with invisibility on the rest of it, so she can use their foolishness to an advantage." He then chuckles and turns back into the other room to fetch something.


"Pssh, They're short-shorts and you know it." Wes calls after him and goes out to the back room, following him. Leaving me standing around in the store. 


A small cloaked person walks in after awhile and browses around.


"Psst, Harley it's me, Ebony." The cloaked person says getting closer to me. Ebony? I've only ever known one Ebony...


"Ebony? B-but your dead, I watched you die?" I say quietly getting closer to her. Ebony Longhall, The one who taught me demon-slayer magic.


"I'm a demon now, listen. I haven't much time before Master returns, take this, it'll keep you safe; tell no one you saw me." Ebony opened my hand and placed some things into it; disappearing out of the door before I could even get a word out.


I looked down at my hand and a pentagram had been imprinted on to my palm. When Ebony was alive, she has one too-


"Alright, how are you finding the armor, Miss Reaper?" The Taylor said coming back into the room with Wes behind him. Wes seemed to notice something different about my posture.


"Oh-Uh just fine, thanks." I say nodding, I can't tell Wes about Ebony, it was literally my fault she died. I summoned a demon that I shouldn't of summoned, the ring took Ebony away and killed her. In front of me, I remember when I looked at her body, her hand, the pentagram was gone. She never told me about the pentagram, but when I watched her, if she touched a demon with her hand, it would burn and imprint the pentagram onto its body with an illuminating gold light, then turn to ash. Maybe, that's what'll happen if I touch a demon.


"Harley, are you okay?" Wes says tapping me on the shoulder. I nod. "I've already paid, lets go." Wes says taking my hand without the mark and walking out of the store. Thank god. One thing I have noticed, my pentagram is on a different hand to Ebony's.


"Hey, what happens to demon-slayer's souls when they die?" I ask Wes.


"Well, some demon-slayers soul's are turned to demons to serve the demon who killed them but if they die naturally, their soul goes to the spirit world. Unlike other wizards, if a different type of wizard is killed by a demon, a demon-slayer is selected to defeat it, they will have a mark imprinted on their hand and if they touch any other demon which is not selected, the demon will die." Wes says simply as we walk back to the palace, he says it belongs to a friend of his.


"What if they touch the right demon?" 


"They both die, do you know what happens if they do not kill that demon before someone else does?"




"The demon-slayer is bound to immortality, to defend earth no matter what." A slight frown appeared on Wes' face for under a second as he finished that sentence.


"How are they selected?"


"No one knows. Some say that they saw a servant, some say that they woke up with the mark and others say they saw a shadow, those are the only known ways." We reach the door to the palace


"What does the mark look like?"


"A pentagram."


That's when it dawned on me, I am have to kill a demon and then die myself.




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