Wizard parents

If I was to explain who I am you probably wouldn't understand. But I'm going to explain anyway.

I am Harley Reaper, a wizard and my magic is demon slayer magic. That means my magic runs on souls (I really don't like that part, makes me seem like a psychopath).

So I was sent to the underworld with a ring leader to find a box. A box that would feed me souls so I wouldn't have to kill when I turn 18. Wes, doesn't seem all there (if you know what I mean); he's distant.

I miss my sister, Harriet. Back at the clan we're known as the Reaper twins. We are the most feared in the clan but our family -the Reapers- is the most feared out of all the main wizard clans.

I have no idea who I am anymore, Wes is the only one I have left. We're lost in this forsaken world.


8. Chapter 8

I flicked my eyes open as a large arm pulled me closer to a strong chest. A chest that I recognized as Wes.


"Uh! Wes you bitch, you couldn't of slept on the couch?" I shout as I take his arm from around my body and sit up. Wes grunted in return. My eyes scanned the room, it was very classy and very grey. 


"Where are we?" I mutter.


"Hades Palace..." Wes' voice is raspy and his hair is messed up around his face. It makes him look cute. Wes opens one eye to look at me.



"N-nothing." I stutter, were did that come from? I hardly ever stutter... Confusing. Wes smirked like he could read my mind. A sudden idea pops into my head.

"Wes, what kind of magic do you have?"


"Uh-I have... A lot of types." Wes finally manages to say.


"How many?" I press. Wes huffs.


"We really don't have time for this lets get the box and get outta here." Wes smiles evilly at himself. Somethings going on that I don't know... I think.


Wes stands up from the bed, revealing his sexy hot-hot body. Where did that come from? Wes grins even more, moving round to my side of the bed.


"Only Hades can use magic in the underworld, Harley, we need weapons."  Wes stands in front of me, crouching down to my level.


"I know how to wield a sword." I huff and fold my arms over my chest. I realize we're both in our underwear. Great, that's why he was smiling... Wes sits on the bed his arm fall flatly by his sides.


"Good, I know how to also wield a bow." Wes says, his eyes glance at my suit case, then back at my exposed body.


"Did you undress me?" I suddenly say, looking at his body.


"Yes, you have a very nice body." Wes' eyes reach mine, his gaze is lust filled. 


"Thats nice of you to say, we should really get dressed." My eyes flicker to the suitcase. 

"What time is it?"


"The same time it always is, Midnight." Wes' gaze is still locked on my eyes. This is getting extremely uncomfortable.

"Have sex with me." Wes finally states after minutes of us just breathing.


"WHAT THE FUCK?!" I scream, using my magic to blast him up against the wall. He said magic didn't work, obviously doesn't count for emotion magic. 


The thing about my demon-slayer magic, is that it reacts swiftly to treats around me or people I deem as threats. It also reacts to my emotions, without any warning and is hard to keep under control. My magic is unlike any other demon-slayer magic. My emotion right now is repelled to Wes' suggestion.


"Yes! Your magic works here!" Wes exclaimed.


"What?" I say confused dropping Wes to the ground, "Of course it does, its linked to my emotions."


"Wait, you have emotional links to your magic? That's -"


"Not normal? Not like any other?" I cut off Wes angrily and edge him on.


"Unique." Wes states calmly. I grunt in return.


"Why the hell would you ask to have sex?" I tense up, Wes didn't really ask but it sort of was a question.


"To see if your magic worked and to see if you'd have sex with me." Wes shrugged and made his way back to me.

"I wouldn't of been surprised if you said yes but I wouldn't of gone through with it, Harley, I'm not that kind of guy who has sex on work hours." He says with a wink. 


What have I gotten myself into?

A deep pile of dragon crap and I can barely see the exit.

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