Wizard parents

If I was to explain who I am you probably wouldn't understand. But I'm going to explain anyway.

I am Harley Reaper, a wizard and my magic is demon slayer magic. That means my magic runs on souls (I really don't like that part, makes me seem like a psychopath).

So I was sent to the underworld with a ring leader to find a box. A box that would feed me souls so I wouldn't have to kill when I turn 18. Wes, doesn't seem all there (if you know what I mean); he's distant.

I miss my sister, Harriet. Back at the clan we're known as the Reaper twins. We are the most feared in the clan but our family -the Reapers- is the most feared out of all the main wizard clans.

I have no idea who I am anymore, Wes is the only one I have left. We're lost in this forsaken world.


5. Chapter 5

Wes and I somehow, ended up lying on top of the roof of the warehouse, star gazing. He said it might be our last night in this world so to spend it peacefully.

Peace. A word that rang like a caller who wouldn't stop calling, even when you answered and told them to go away. They just wouldn't stop calling.

Peace, is something most good hearted people tried to achieve. But peace, the absolute silence of sleeping guns, bombs, magic, is never going to be achieved. Their will always be rule breakers, people who don't agree, people who want more.

And then there are the people who are easily manipulated, controlled and weak minded, the people who just 'go with the flow'. I've always dis-liked the 'go with the flow' kinds of people, it's like they don't want to make something out of themselves. Or maybe that's just their personality.

I chuckle at my thinking, Wes doesn't seem to notice and his eyes stay fixated on the sky.

I stare at Wes and actually acknowledge what he looks like. His skin is a creamy caramel colour, his shiny black hair swirls neatly next to his green eyes. His eyelashes are oddly long, I notice a piercing in his ear, just hiding behind his hair, its a small silver dragon. I reach out to touch it and Wes flinches.

"What are you doing?" He asks, but continuing to look at the sky.

"Looking at your earring, it looks cool." I say simply. He doesn't continue the conversation and I continue to study him.

I notice a few freckles around his nose but they are faint and can be barely seen. His jawline is well defined. Truthfully, I wouldn't but him passed the age of 25.

For some reason, I feel oddly comfortable around Wes. I feel like I should just put my head on his chest and hear his heart beat. Listen to the thumps play their song. Let him play with my hair-

-That's the wrong thing to think. Wes is nothing more than an acquaintance. And should never be promoted to anything more than a friend.

Wes continued to stare into the dark sky as I thought.

I decided I would watch the stars too. I turned my head and looked up at the darkness.

Darkness with a few pale dots of light. That's all it was; it reminded me of Harriet and I. Harriet was the light and I was the darkness.

I felt a tear slide down my cheek.

What if I couldn't keep my promise?

What if this is my last night in this world?

What if I get stuck in the underworld with Wes?

Wes of all people! The guy I practically just met!

"Fuck you." I mutter.

"Fuck who?" Wes turns to look at me with an amused smile.

"Don't worry." I don't look at him, I keep my gaze up on the stars.

Wes looks at me, wishfully? I don't know, Wes is a hard person to read.

I turn to look at him.

"This is fun, you know? I'm going to Hell with a guy I met yesterday to look for some box I'm not even sure exists-" I'm cut of by Wes's lips on mine. I'm stunned, my first reaction was to push away but something, something stopped me. I don't know what but I closed my eyes and responded to the kiss. Wes broke the kiss off.

"I like it more when you're quite." He says and turns too look at the sky again.

Call me cliché but that's my first kiss and holy fucking cow did it feel good. I touched my lips because they felt all tingly, like a million tiny sparks from a spark plug in an engine that wouldn't work.

"What did you do?" I ask feeling my lips again.

"Don't tell me that was your first kiss?" Wes laughed. I blush out of embarrassment and stay silent.

"Oh." Was all he said when he realised it was, in fact, my first kiss. That's so smooth, not being kissed until I'm 17 and a ring leader kisses me before we go on a journey together that we might not come back from. This is not going to be awkward at all.

It's not that bad anyway. At least we don't have some obnoxious friend who's saying the whole time "The sexual tension is unbearable." That would make it worse. A whole fucking lot worse.

But then again, it wouldn't be that bad; having someone else I knew to talk to. Shame I don't have many friends outside the clan. Damien would probably be that obnoxious friend.

Mum always thought that Damien and Harriet would end up together. Secretly, Freddy, Dad and I did too. Damien has liked my sister for awhile and Harry never really talked about her feelings. That's one of the most hated and liked things about my sister, she's a good listener but never talks things out. I do catch her every now and then looking at Damien in a lust filled way. I've never confronted her about it because she doesn't like talking about feelings. Harriet hates them -feelings I mean.

Freddy is probably destined to be with Ava. They're just so compatible, I don't even know how they're not married yet.

None of them see me in that way and I don't see them that way either.

Maybe Damien's going to make a move on Harriet when I'm not around. I am pretty protective of my sister; I can see why he'd be scared.

I wonder what Harriets going to do whilst I'm not here. Maybe she'll just hang out at home or go to the clan house? Maybe she'll take up a new hobby? Maybe she'll go on a date with Damien? That's if he can muster up the balls to ask her out.

I laugh at my joke.

"You're laughing again, why do you keep laughing?" Wes says, his head is still facing upwards but his eyes are on me.

"I'm thinking about things." Wes moves his hands behind his head.

"What things?" He turns to me.

"My sister, Freddy, Damien, my mum and dad." I shrug.

"So, which one out of Damien and Freddy does Harley have a crush on?" He asks to himself but it's clearly meant for me.

"Neither, Harriet and Damien are going to be together, and Ava and Freddy are destined." I put my arms behind my head. "Plus I have no time for romances, I have to get into collage."

"You're thinking about going to collage?" Wes says slightly amused.

"Well, I have to try and have a life outside of the wizard world don't I?"

"I guess." Is all he said before we both turned back to star gazing.

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