Wizard parents

If I was to explain who I am you probably wouldn't understand. But I'm going to explain anyway.

I am Harley Reaper, a wizard and my magic is demon slayer magic. That means my magic runs on souls (I really don't like that part, makes me seem like a psychopath).

So I was sent to the underworld with a ring leader to find a box. A box that would feed me souls so I wouldn't have to kill when I turn 18. Wes, doesn't seem all there (if you know what I mean); he's distant.

I miss my sister, Harriet. Back at the clan we're known as the Reaper twins. We are the most feared in the clan but our family -the Reapers- is the most feared out of all the main wizard clans.

I have no idea who I am anymore, Wes is the only one I have left. We're lost in this forsaken world.


4. Chapter 4

I hauled my suit case into the back of Dads car. He shook his head.

"I can't believe I'm allowing this." Harry stood next to him and mum next to her. Mum had tears streaming down her face which she kept blowing away into Harry's face, she had to keep wiping them away.

"I'll be fine, I have a ring leader with me. Wes is a nice guy. He knows the underworld better than anyone." I reassure them. I don't actually know this my self but Wes does seem pretty confident. And he's a ring leader, which means he is part of the highest order of wizards, the ring.

The ring is what keeps us unseen from the human eye, it clears up any mistakes, kicks out any clans (shadow clans- people who break the rules) and keep the government informed about our activity.

Wes, is like one of their runners, he's a leader but he has to take care of wizards. That means his part in the ring is to make sure powerful clans stay safe and don't become shadow clans.

"I can't believe you're going without me." Harriet crosses her arms, "This is the first time we'll be separated for god knows how long." She mutters. It's always been like that for Harriet and I, we've always been a team.

"I know Harry, I'll be back in no time." I hug her.

"You better be." She pats my back and realises from our hug.

"Hurry up it's almost sunset." My mum said as I hugged her.

"Alright, alright" I say and hop into the car with dad. As I buckle my seat belt, I catch a glimpse of a figure stands in the shadows and watches closely until it feels my stare. It flees.

I roll down then window and turn to Harry, who noticed the figure too.

"Keep an eye out whilst I'm gone, we have powerful enemies. They might take advantage of this situation." I say, she nods. Dad starts up the car and pulls out of the drive way.

"I love you!" I call from the end of the road.


I watch my dad's car leave the warehouse. I watch the sliver turn a corner and it's gone from my eye sight.

I take a deep breath and stay like that for awhile. The sun is setting on the horizon. The clan house is on the docks so the light and water wizards have the most regained magic speed.

I laugh half heartedly.

Hell, I don't even know if I'm coming back from this and there's some other 17 year old girl who's planning on having sex tonight with her boyfriend.

The wonderful life of having wizards for parents. The over protectiveness is off the scale compared to humans. Probably because we value life, we know the real dangers, they're just bystanders. Humans think they run this world, they're petrified of what is actually out there. So we're forced to hide, keep our magic to our selves. And the humans who experience our magic, are sworn to secrecy or labeled lunatics. Most value their social status or lives and keep it a secret, but that's only when the ring knows they know.

I turn away from the horizon and walk to the warehouse. Before I go in, I touched the cool metal. I used to do this as a kid -touch the metal- I like the feeling of its coldness, it makes me feel untouched. It makes me feel, like a bloomed flower in winter, just swaying in the snow and wind.

I take a sharp breath and close my eyes.

"You're here." Wes says as he exits the warehouse, "I thought you wouldn't show." He takes a cigarette from his packet and lights it. I watch as he puts it too his pale lips.

I grin. "And here I am."

"Want one?" He offers.

"Got my own." I say doing the same thing he just did.

"Well, I'm not surprised to say the least. You ready to go to 'Hell' as the the humans call it?" We both let out a puff of smoke and look at each other. I chuckle at our timing.

"'I'm ready' as sponge bob would say." I quote and repeat the routine. He let out a hearty laugh.

"From a kid I'd expect that, but a teenage demon slayer who is the toughest female in her clan, not so much." He finished his cigarette and crushed it on the floor.

"Is that a bad thing?" I say and crush mine under my foot.

"Not at all, I guess I've never met anyone like you." Wes says and turns to walk into the clan house, I follow behind him. "You're different, in a good way." We flash our tattoos and the door swings open.

The clan house shuts at sunset so no one is there.

"Never thought I'd see this place empty." I say to myself but Wes over hears.

"I've seen it plenty of times, emptiness is loneliness, and this place is lonely at the moment." He sits down at a table that has maps and pictures spread around it. I sit down too, my suit case is at the entrance so I don't need to worry about my stuff.

"Lets begin."

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