Wizard parents

If I was to explain who I am you probably wouldn't understand. But I'm going to explain anyway.

I am Harley Reaper, a wizard and my magic is demon slayer magic. That means my magic runs on souls (I really don't like that part, makes me seem like a psychopath).

So I was sent to the underworld with a ring leader to find a box. A box that would feed me souls so I wouldn't have to kill when I turn 18. Wes, doesn't seem all there (if you know what I mean); he's distant.

I miss my sister, Harriet. Back at the clan we're known as the Reaper twins. We are the most feared in the clan but our family -the Reapers- is the most feared out of all the main wizard clans.

I have no idea who I am anymore, Wes is the only one I have left. We're lost in this forsaken world.


3. Chapter 3

We walked into the warehouse without making a sound.

Another door strode in front of us, we flashed our tattoos and it swung open and let's us all in. The sound of fighting, swearing and drinks being poured is all stopped as we step in.

"Hey, Boss! The Reapers are back!" Freddy calls out.

"And their parents." Damien adds. I grin.

"Boss, we're back, got 2 million for that A-class quest." I shout with a devilish grin. The Reaper family are the most feared in the all of the main clans. Our mother, Jenna, can use wind magic, Harriet has light god magic, our father, Simon, has gun magic and I have demon slayer magic (it's very rare, so is light god magic).

A hush fills the room and I walk over to Ava, the barmaid (she's a wizard too, a weaker one).

"Two beers and a larger." Ava pours the drinks and I hand a beer too Harry and the larger to dad. Mum doesn't drink so their is no need.

I down my drink and they all watch until I'm finished. When I am done, the whole places goes back to its cheery, bar fighting, roughhousing state. I laugh.

"Ain't nothing like a clan house!" I shout and the rest cheer with me. Mums never been to comfortable in the clan, she wasn't brought up here like Dad. Harry and I were brought up here. Harry was always the shyer one out of the two of us, so it was really only me and Dad who walked in this place like it was our own.

I sat at the bar and made light conversation with Ava.

"Where are the Reaper twins?" A man shouts from the top of the stairs, the room fills with silence again, I stand up but Harriet doesn't.

"One of us is here, others in the bathroom." I shrug.

"Fetch her." Her simply said and walked back up the stairs. The room filled with noise again I walked to the bathroom. I swung open the door.

"Harry, we've been called." I shout.

"Uh, okay." She flushed the loo and steps out. She washes her hands and we go back out. Harry's nervous as we walk up the stairs.

"Reaper twins?" The same man asks.

"Yes, who called us?" I ask

"Boss, go in now." He pointed to the door furthest down the corridor and I followed.

We reached the door and I knocked politely. It swung open.

"Girls! Back so soon? How was your A-class quest?" An older looking man with sliver hair said from a behind a desk on a desk chair.

"Easy, nothing we couldn't handle." I tread carefully on my words.

"Great, I heard your father's back in town." He plastered his fingers in a triangular shape.

"Yeah, he'll be going on another quest in a few days." Harry said.

"Good, Harriet you are excused from this conversation, you may leave." Harriet nodded and walked out the door.

"Have a seat, Harley." I took a seat in one of the wooden chairs, it strapped my arms and legs so I couldn't move.

"What the fuck?" I screamed and try to get my wrists out.

"Stay clam Harley, I need you not to run out of this room. So I set up a strapped chair." His eyes focused on mine and I stared angrily back.

He let out a breath and continued "Harley, your magic runs on souls, correct?"

"Yeah, so what?" I said still looking into his eyes. I wasn't going to break eye contact.

"Harley, your magic energy levels are low."

"And?" I snap.

"And that means you're going to have to kill some one to regain all you strength." He breaks the eye contact.

"Are you serious? You want me to kill people? No. It's against the rules, our clan could be turned into a shadow clan, I will not be the fault of that." I huff, "I see why you needed the chair." I balled my hands into fists, curled my toes and closed my eyes.

"Soul explosion." I whispered only loud enough for me to hear, the straps broke off and I stood up.

"The rest of this conversation is continued standing up." I fold my arms and wait for him to speak again.

"There is another way." A voice says from the shadows.

"This is Ring leader Wes, knows a lot about demon slayer magic, this is a test to see if we can trust you. You passed." Boss says, he opens a draw and pulls out a map.

"This is a map of the underworld, it will help you on your quest." Wes says.

"Wait, what? I'm going to the underworld what for?" I unfold my arm and get closer to the desk to look at the map.

"You're looking for this." Boss pulls out a picture of a small metal box, it's finely decorated with dying flowers and dead animals on the bottom of it.

"What is it?"

"An unlimited box of dead souls. So you can have one whenever you need one." Wes says.

"We leave at sunset tomorrow, be back here by then, Harley, go home and pack your things. I will be traveling with you." Wes says.

"You are dismissed." Boss says and I walk out the door. I stand at the top of the stairs for awhile, looking at everyone, looking at how we're all friends, how we're like family.

"Hey, Harley, you coming down to join us or what?" Damien says. Damien and Freddy are are around my age, we've been friends since Harry and I could walk.

"I'm afraid not, I have business to do. Thanks for the offer." I say walk down the stairs.

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