She gets everything

When Rebecca's sister is coming home after being away on tour with her boyfriends band what will happen when she firsts meets the one and only 'Luke Hemmings'


4. Why would you do that?!

I just stood there stunned at what just happened. Did he actually just kiss me.... Did the Luke hemmings just kiss me... Oh shit not again my fucking sisters boyfriend just kissed me!

I go back outside with a bottle of water in my hand and see Luke smirking at me. I give him a dirty look and sit down in one of the sun beds beside my sister.

"Ew get away" she says while pulling her sunglasses down and looking at me.

"I'm serious Carly if you bug me one more time I will kill you" I said sitting up and looking at her dead straight in the eyes.

"Jesus Rebecca you need to stop over reacting about everything!" She said putting her sunglasses back on and lying back down.ugh why do I have to be related to her and why did Luke just kiss me?!

I then see Luke looking over at me and looking me up and down smirking and then carly catches him and raised her eyebrows at me and lips to me 'never talk to him again' and then hops up off her sun bed and walks over to him brushing her hand up and down his abs then pulling him in for a full make out session. So then I just lie back down and try egnore them both.

After a while I feel someone lightly shaking me. I then open my eyes to see Luke laughing. I fell asleep didn't I! Ugh.

"What do you want Hemmings?" I snap because I wasn't having anymore of his crap.

"Your body" he smirked looking at me up and down and suddenly I felt extremely uncomfortable in my bikini so I quickly wrap a towel around myself and he just laughs.

"Amused are we?!" I say with a little sass in my tone.

"A lil bit" he says with a cheeky grin slapped across that annoying yet beautiful face of his.

"Look Luke you don't want to know why me and my sister don't get along but it's similar to what you just did to me there and if you don't leave me alone I swear to god I will tell her and your mam everything and I mean it when I say your man!" I snap thinking how stupid I sounded because I brought his mother into this.

"Oh no not my mother" he fakes scared "Rebecca I kinda know why you and your sister don't get along now... And that just makes me want you even more now."

"Why don't you just stick with Carly Luke because I'm not interested"

"I still don't fully get you" he says looking into my eyes slightly confused changing the subject completely "you seem like such an innocent girl on the outside but once you get talking you're a fiesty one aren't you." He says smirking and moving closer to me.

By now his face was inches from mine. I try push my way out but he had pushed me up against the outside wall of the house.

"Don't fight it you know you want this" he says leaning in with his hands around my waist. I kept my hands to my side because I wasn't going to show him that I was enjoying myself... But boy I sure was. His soft lips on mine and his lip ring pressing into my lips felt better than anyone else I have ever kissed. After just 30 seconds of his trying to get his tongue in my mouth I couldn't help it I had to let him in.

Our tongues danced together I then couldn't restrain myself and put my arms around my neck going on y tip toes and pulling the back of his head closer to mine. This felt truly amazing!

After a full on 10 minutes I pulled away sharpishly and got out of his grasp and walked straight back inside before he could see the smile on my face.

I quickly ran up the stairs and see my sister looking me up and down with a dirty look

"Where'd Luke?!" She snaps at me

"How would I know?!"

"Because he was the one who woke your lazy ass up"

"Well I haven't seen him since now go away" I hiss slamming my door in her face.

I hop on my bed and check my Instagram because I haven't since I don't even know how long.

I go into it and I have like 200 new followers?! What the fuck!

I go to see who they all are and they all give the boys name in their name or 5sos and stuff like that and then I realise some of the fans must know I'm Carly's sister. Well at least I have 1325 followers now:)

I walk out if my room across the hall and into the bathroom to take a shower. I open the door and see the one and only Luke fixing his hair in the mirror. I quickly walk away from the door so he couldn't see me but I was too late.

"Come in I don't bite" he says with a cheeky grin

"Are u nearly done?!" I say blankly.

"Maybe" he says running his hands through his perfect quiff. He then walks away from the mirror and over to the door and on his way out smacks my ass. I know that people think oh god that must feel really nice... Trust me it actually doesn't it hurts a lot!

I just roll my eyes and lock the door and get into the shower. After that I was in abit of a better mood and felt more relaxed.

I then get out of the shower and realise I forgot my towel... Shit! The only towel in the bathroom was a hand towel Ughh why does life hate me. I try cove up with the tiny towel but it was useless I then hear a knock on the door.

"Did we forget something?" Someone says behind the door and I knew it was like straight away and I could just feel his grin behind the door.... What the fuck am I supposed to do?!:/

"Fuck it hemmings please don't play this game and just give me the towel!" I shouted through the door.

"Sorry love but the door is locked what do you expect me to do?" He smirks

"Fine then" I run to the door and open the door wide enough to for my arm to fit through and I waved it around for him to hand me the towel.

"It's no gonna be that simple sweetheart" he says he then bursts through the door and closes it behind him and I try cover up with my hands but failed so quickly grabbed the towel before he could pull it away. I wrapped it around myself quickly.

"Fuck you" I say walking out of the room.

"Nice body" he yells

Ugh why the fuck is he even doing this like he is supposed to be in love with my sister not me.


By now it was late so I went to bed all I could think about was Luke. Why the hell am I thinking about him he's an asshole. An extremely hot asshole but an asshole. By then I confused myself and fell asleep.


Sorry for he short chapter some shit had happened and I am busy busy busy thanks for all the likes and favs sorry it's taken so long to update all my books I'll try get something up soon byeeeee 💘


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