She gets everything

When Rebecca's sister is coming home after being away on tour with her boyfriends band what will happen when she firsts meets the one and only 'Luke Hemmings'


3. whoops

I woke up to the smell of bacon being cooked from downstairs. So I got up out of bed and put my hair up into a messy bun and went downstairs two having breakfast. When I walked downstairs everyone was looking at me like I was food. Then I looked down and saw me I. My pajamas but I do not see the problem With That, I do live here right?

"Becca go upstairs and put something else on! We have the guests" my sister said like she owned me.

"Do not call me Becca" I said back, '' I only let people I actually like call me that and I must say I most definitely do not like you! '' The scream that here. Just then I stomped back upstairs before she can reply and went up to my room had a quick shower and opened my wardrobe two pick my clothes. I went for a black crop top with white daisies on it and a black skirt with my white Converse. I simply put on my mascara and brushed my hair and put it in a high pony.

I went downstairs and put down at the table across from Carly and beside Luke.

"Is that better?" In spat that here with a very bitchy tone.

"Well to be honest it would not have been my first choice .... But sure." She says smirking.

I just got up from my seat and got my food and my knife and fork and put back down.

"Girls you two need to stop fighting alright" my mam whispers so both of us can hear here but the boys can not hear.

"If you call that fighting, you're wrong. This is us being normal" I said not just to my mam though out loud.

She just shot me a glare that was signalling to shut up because we have the guests.To be honest I do not care if we have the guests it's my house too and I will act the way I normally do. Just then I looked backat my food ignoring everything else att was going on in the room and ate. When I was finished i went up to my room and blared out music and didnt care if people were telling me to turn it down. Just as blink 182 'I miss you' came on the door opened ... It was Luke? he looked lost.

'' Is everything okay? '' I ask lifting an eyebrow.

'' oh yeah sorry I thought this was the toilet. '' he says slightly laughing two himself. '' hey I love this song '' he says smiling.

'' You have the good taste. '' He says while guesturing to my posters plastered all over my room.

'' thanks '' I reply '' Do you need help finding the toilet? '' I say laughing. 

'' oh yeah where is it again? '' he laughs. 

I simply show him where the toilet is and go back into my room and turn off my music. 

** 1 hour later ** 

I walk downstairs two see my mam making lunch. '' Everyone is outside in the pool, you should go out and join them.'' She says smiling.

''Do you really think that's the best idea? ''

''C'mon rebecca you need two start getting along with your sister, especailly now that you are not going to see her as much anymore now That she is off traveling around the world. ''

''Does it look like I care '' I say pointing at my blank face.

''go get into a swimsuit and join the I mean it '' my mam says while pointing two the stairs.

''ughh fine fine. '' I say while stomping upstairs.

I walk into my room and and look through all of my swim suits. I pick out my black bikini with white polka dots all over it. I grab a towel and go back downsatirs.

'' happy '' I snap at my mam while walking out the back door.

I walk outside and put my towel on one of the sun beds and sit down. I noticed the four guys in the pool. the all had really nice bodies .. uh what am I saying shut up Rebecca!

'' Ew why are you here '' Carly says while taking here sunglasses off.

"Because I live here '' I snap back and shoot her a dirty look.

''Hey Rebecca come over here for a sec '' Michael says while guesturing for me to go over two sky.

'' why? '' I ask suspicously.

'' please just come here ''

I get up out of my seat and walk over two sky and bend down to the edege of the pool two see what he wants. Just then he yells GRAB HER and all the boys pull me in with themself into the pool. 

'' why the hell did you do that ?! '' I yell at them but at the same time started laughing with them aswell.

'' Aw did the poor lil baba get a little wet '' Carly says with a fake pout.

'' Why do you care, you're just being boring and trying two get a tan while we are the seriously having fun.

'' ugh just do not talk to my kay '' she says in her sassy tone.

I get out of the pool to go inside and get a drink. I opened the door to find Luke looking through the fridge and grabs a beer.

'' Want one? '' He asks handing me a one.

'' No if my mam caught me I would be dead '' 

'' Oh so you're not 18 yet ''

'' Sadly '' 

Just the I went over two the fridge two grab a bottle of water then I feel Luke's hand grab my ass In quickly move his hand away.

'' What are you doing?" I slightly yell but in a whisper so no one outside can hear.

'' C'mon, do not tell me you did not like it. '' He says smirking.

'' Luke you can not do this you're with Carly !! '' 

'' Since when do you care about Carly and me '' he says raising a brow.

'' I Don't but ... '' 

'' But what '' he says leaning in and pecking me lips. It felt so nice the Softness of his lips and the coldness of his lip ring went so well. I stood there speechless.

'' That's what I thought '' He says smirking and leaving to go back outside.


Hey guys sorry I haven't updated in AGES but school started back awhile ago so I have been pretty caught up with stuff but today I'm sick off school so I though I might update for you. Oh yeah and a new cover👍


seona 💞

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