She gets everything

When Rebecca's sister is coming home after being away on tour with her boyfriends band what will happen when she firsts meets the one and only 'Luke Hemmings'



I wake up to the sound of people talking downstairs and the banging of doors. I decided to get up have a shower then go to my wardrobe to get my outfit. I ended up putting on a grey crop top black legging and white converse with a hoodie.

I put in some mascara and put my wet hair into a messy bun and check my phone and see its 10:30. I go downstairs to the kitchen and see Carly and the boys sitting at the table and my mam cooking pancakes. The only seat left at the table was either beside Luke or beside Carly each at the end of the table and as much as it hurt me to do this I sat beside Carly because I didn't want to have to make any contact with like for as long a possible.

While we were all eating and talking I notice Luke starting looking at me and when I look back at him with a 'look at me again and I will bust your face in' look and he quickly looks away I don't think it was because of my look I think it was because Carly turned to Luke and saw him looking at me so of course yet again she pulled me out of the kitchen into the hall.

"I know what your fucking doing you little whore!" She whisper yells so no one could hear but to let me know she was angry which she knew u didn't really give to fucks if she was happy or sad anyway but...

"Whore... Really?"

"I swear if you and him have done anything you most fucking certainly are a whore because what would that be... 2 of my boyfriends you've hooked up with am I right?" She said acting all confused to make me feel bad which wasn't working " all I'm saying is you better not have done anything with him or you better pray to fucking god I don't come after you and kill you... Kay?!"

"Listen here Carly I love the way you think since your older you own me when I'm actually standing here thinking to myself how fucking funny it is to watch your mouth moving and listening to the fucking bullshit coming out of it now please stop pulling me away from the group all the time because it's not only making you looks like a dumbass dragging me out everywhere but if they ever found out what you were saying to me they would fucking piss themselves at how sad you are being at the moment being all protective over Luke when let's be honest he's a fuckboy anyway so might aswell jus give up and save yourselve the bad paparazzi full of questions on how HE dumped YOU...Kay?!" I spat mocking her at the end.

We walk back into the kitchen and everyone looking at us awkwardly when Carly just randomly starts laughing really loudly and puts her arm around me saying

"Rebecca I remember that day now oh my god Ahahahaha it was so funny" she said pulling me closer signalling for me to go along with her... Who the fuck does she think I am Anne Hathaway I'm not acting happy for her.

"Ha yeah funny..." I say with no expression on my face then walking back up the stairs.

When I'm at the top of the stairs I hear all the conversations going back to normal.

"I think I might go for a shower thanks for breakfast" I hear a deep voice from the top of the stairs I then look back down so I could see them but they couldn't see me just to make sure I was right in saying it was luke just talking there. When I look I see Luke up from his seat walking away from the table but I see Carly grab his arm and tug it hardly to go back and she pulls him in for a proper make out and I see her open her eyes and looks up to the stairs where she gives me a smirk through the kiss. The fucking cheek of her.

When she pulls out I stop looking and get up to my room when I hear a knock on my door I then go up and open it and see Luke...

I stood there awkwardly giving him a look asking him what did he want.

"Your mam told me I had to use the bathroom in your room because the showers in the other rooms have no hot water and the plumber will be here tomorrow" he said with a cheeky grin plastered on his face.

"Then take a cold shower" I said blankly closing the door in his face he then stopped me just as it was about to close fully and pushes it back open with me trying my hardest to shit the door with all my strength yet he just needed one push to open it through all my force... well he ate his vegetables last night anyway.

"I just need a fucking shower can I just use it please" he said with like a giving up face while laughing.

"Fine but be quick and no fucking nudity in my room thank you very much" I say closing the door behind him.

"Does that mean you've never had anyone else naked in this room with you??"

"What?!" I ask confused

"You don't want nudity in your room?" he says laughing.

"Well I would rather have no nudity from you I can let other people if I the way I see where you were getting to with that and you will never know if I've had sex or not" I say blankly not letting hime know if I was lying or if I wasn't.

"Fine I'll just guess for myself that you haven't because little miss 17 can't even handle a little kiss from an older boy let alone fucking him." He says smirking.

"Do you want to know why I can't apparently 'handle' a kiss from you is because I don't fucking want your toungue in my mouth not because I can't handle it like I said before I would let people's toungues I like in my mouth." I say giving him a look like I've seen it all and I'm not an innocent girl Which I know is a lot of things to say in one look but fuck yes I can pull it off. "Now go get into the shower so I don't have to talk to you anymore please and thankyou" I say pushing into my bathroom. After like 10 seconds the door opened and he walked out topless in boxers.

"There's room for 2 you know" he said smirking looking me up and down.

"Oh okay I'll go get Michael for you if you want" I say smiling.

He then just sighs and slightly laughs and closes the door and I hear the shower turn on. I just get onto my bed lying down going through my phone texting friends, looming through newsfeed, looking at how much new 5sos fan accounts started following me since yesterday. I ten hear the door open and I look up to see Luke fucking but naked.

"WHAT THE FUCK HEMMINGS COVER UP" I scream covering my eyes.

"Yeah sorry forgot to bring a towel in with me" he says laughing at me because I was covering my eyes while trying to open a cupboard in the hall just outside my bedroom door with towels inside I could tell I looked like and absolute thick...YOLO you life guys.

I ten threw it at him and he was just pissing himself how I cared so much about seeing him.

"Go away" I said laughing with him.

"What's going on up there hurry up lukey" I hear Carly scream from downstairs.

Luke then looks at me then my lips and pecks them before leaving my room with a towel around his waist.




omg its been awhile lol sorry. Don't know why i haven't been on this for so long i updated today cause i was really bored so happy birthday! Don't even care if this book isn't my most popular it's my favorite out of all of my thingys so:)))

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