She gets everything

When Rebecca's sister is coming home after being away on tour with her boyfriends band what will happen when she firsts meets the one and only 'Luke Hemmings'


1. prologue

My name is Rebecca. I'm 17 and I have long wavy blonde hair and blue eyes. Me my mam live in Australia. I have a sister aswell but she's always away on tour. My sister isn't actually famous or anything well actually she is famous but not because of her talent but because she is going out with the lead singer of 5 seconds of summer 'Luke Hemmings'. They have been together for about 2 months now and she just left to go on tour with them about 2 weeks ago.

They come back every now and again but I don't really care to be honest I'm not a huge fan of this luke Hemmings, because I think he seems like one of those guys who has a girl for a while and then dumps her ass. To be honest I don't really care about my sister though we don't have the best relationship to be honest. We like different things, she's into makeup and girly stuff while I'm into music and i don't care about girly stuff to be honest I wear makeup but i don't want a career in doing other people's makeup.

I must say though for now her and luke are a cute couple but I'm sure that won't last long. But I am abit jealous I have to say she gets to go touring around the world meeting different dates and I must say luke is very hot and actually so are the rest of the band but especially Luke.

Carly's POV

Hi I'm Carly and I'm 19 I have long blonde wavy hair and blue eyes and I used to live in Australia With my mam and my sister but now I have been going out with Luke Hemmings from 5seconds of summer and I've been touring with them for 2 weeks.

My little sister back in Australia says that she thinks that Luke will dump me soon enough but she is just jealous of all the fame and fun u get to have when she isn't even allowed drink... Although I do know she does anyway and I use that to blackmail her for a lot of stuff so she I don't get into trouble. Basically me and my sister don't get along. She's not into makeup or manicures and stuff like me so what am I supposed to do with her.

I'm coming home in a week to visit home for awhile and so my mam and sister can finally meet Luke although they probably know everything about him because of the fame but still. We are staying home for 2 weeks then we are going back in tour but we will always be visiting home until the tour is over. I will be staying at my house and the boys will stay in a hotel but I'll probably be spending most of my time there.


Hey guys sorry for the short first chapter hope u guys like it:)


Seona 💞

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