She gets everything

When Rebecca's sister is coming home after being away on tour with her boyfriends band what will happen when she firsts meets the one and only 'Luke Hemmings'


2. meeting them

Rebecca's PoV

Today was the day my sister and the boys came home for 2 weeks. I've actually never met the guys I just know a lot about them because of the fame and stuff. I'm not sure if I should be excited or not because to be honest I love their music but now that luke is dating my sister I can't be all fangirly because that would be weird.

I arrived home from school from an alright day. My best friends Ella and Kate came over for awhile. We just went up to my room and talked and watched films for the day.

My mam told the girls that it was time to leave because she was leaving to go to the airport to collect everyone but I was staying home. When my mam was leaving I told my friends she would be a half an hour gone or so, so they could stay but 15 minutes later they left just incase my mam was early. While I was waiting for my mam to come home I went over to my room and went on my phone and looked t Instagram and my sister started following me yesterday... Weird. I didn't follow her back because to be honest that would mean I would get all these fan accounts following me and I don't want that. I know I like their music but I just like their music I don't care about them.

I heard the front door open and I heard my sister laughing at something which was typical her she always laughed so easily and to me it was annoying. So I quickly changed out of my clothes and got into some short shorts and a blink182 tank and re-applied my concealer and mascara I put my hair up into a high pony and I was ready to go. I only wore alot of makeup when I was going partying or something I put on my black and white converse and walked downstairs to say hi.

As I walked into the kitchen I saw 4 extremely tall boys facing my mam and talking but the blonde guy was like super tall. My man saw me and said

"Oh hi sweety, come say hi to your sister and meet the boys." When she said this everyone turned around staring at me.

"Hi" I say very awkwardly.

The tall blonde one just smirked at me ... Which one was he but then I saw him put his arm around my sister very close to get ass and then realised who it was. But why was he smirking at me?

"Oh my god Becca it's been so long" my sister said looking like she cared plait I knew she was faking it because she just wanted a good impression that her and sister got along well for the guys.

"I guess?" I say like its a question.

"Well sweetie aren't you going to introduce Becca to the boys" my mam tells Carly

"Oh yeah sure, this is Luke my boyfriend"she said gesturing to the extra tall blonde one" this is Michael" she said gesturing to the coloured hair guy"this is Calum" she said pointing at the tanned black haired guy "and this is Ashton" she said pointing at the fluffy haired guy.

"Oh hi, I'm Rebecca" I said sort of smiling.

"Okay dinner is ready so everyone take a seat" I sat beside Michael and Calum and across from luke who was sitting beside my sister and my sister was sitting beside Ashton living my mam at the top of the table.

"So how is touting going?" My mam asks cheerfully.

"Yeah it's going great we are all having the time of our lives" Carly says staring at me because she knows that I have always wanted to travel the world and be a musician.

"So boys did you go to school around here?"

"No actually where we're from is about 1 hour and a half away" Ashton says.

"Oh really, so will you guys be visiting home?" My mam asks

"Yeah we will probably go towards the end of our visit" luke said to my mam but then I saw Carly pouting to luke as if she didn't want him to see his family... Weird.

"So Carly did you say you liked these boys" my mam says to me Ughh couldn't I just sit here and not talk like I have been this whole time?!

"I guess their music is good" I say back awkwardly.

As we all got up from the table I felt people staring at me. I turn around to see the boys all looking at me. I just looked at them weirdly and went into the living room.

My sister came in and saw that I was sitting beside luke which I didn't actually notice so she just gave me a dirty look telling to get the fuck up and go away.

"Hey sis can I talk to you outside for a sec" she said acting like everything was normal but I could tell she was pissed off. So I agreed and we walked into the kitchen.

"If you flirt with any of the boys I will kill you" she spat at me.

"Sorry who said I was, you need to get your facts right" I hissed at her.

"Don't you dare say you weren't flirting I saw the way you looked at Michael and even LUKE!" She shouted the luke part because she was obviously thinking that I liked Luke.

"I didn't even say anything through the whole dinner! How could you say I was flirting." I shout back.

"Ughh, just leave me and the boys alone or I will hurt you" she snapped at me.

"You may think you're being scary but trust me you don't scare me and infact I might start flirty with the boys just to annoy you" I say happily and then I walk off.

I walk back into the living room with a smirk on my face and then I sit beside the empty space beside Michael and very close to him I might add. And we all started watching the film.

I wasn't watching the film most of the time, I was just thinking about why my sister was worried about me dating one of the band members or flirting with luke 1. She obviously doesn't want me on tour with her 2. She doesn't want me stealing Luke like what happened with her last boyfriend which I must say in my defence wasn't my fault.

**flash back**

I was walking through my kitchen and saw my sister in the pool outside and I saw her boyfriend Triston walking towards the door to the kitchen. He walked in and winked at me, he then started walking towards me with a smirk on his face getting very close.

"What the fuck are you doing?!" I say to him

"This" then he leaned in to kiss me I didn't kiss back but he had me in a tight grasp so I couldn't get him off me.

"Triston what's going on in there?" I hear my sister yell from outside. Then I heat footsteps coming from outside coming into the kitchen. By then he was feeling me up but then stopped because he heard my sister.

She walked in and looked at me while I continued buttering my bread, then she looked at Triston who said he just came in to get a drink. Carly just gave us a weird look and then dragged Triston back outside.

A few days later I wakes into the bathroom but then ran into Triston who was doing his hair in the mirror. He then saw me and smirked. He walked towards me while I was backing Away I hit the door he then grabbed me and brought me away from the door and towards the wall he then forcefully started kissing me but I refused to kiss back, I pushed him away

"Triston FUCK OFF"

"Make me" he said pushing me back against the wall he now was feeling me up again but I tried snacking his hand off but I couldn't. His hand them started going up my top but then the door opened and my sister just stood there with her mouth open.

"This is not what it looks like, he fucking pushed me against the wall and I couldn't move" I say in shock with my sister ignoring what u just said she then spoke

"I bet that's what you two were doing in the kitchen the other day" she said with a disgusted face.

"Babe look in sorry" Triston said

"Fuck off" my sister said crying.

**end of flashback**

I was snapped out of my little world when I felt someone shaking me. I looked up to see it was luke.

"Oh sorry" I said looking into his eyes, they were so beautiful.

"No problem, I thought you were dead" he said laughing I laughed a little aswell then looked around to see everyone was gone accept me and Luke.

" where is everyone?" I ask

"Oh yeah you weren't in the car when your mam picked us up, so basically our hotel plans changed we are staying here and everyone has gone to bed" he says.

"Oh okay"

"Goodnight Rebecca" Luke said kissing my cheek. The kiss sent shivers through my whole body... Why did he just kiss me anyway?

"Night" I said back while he was going upstairs.

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