The Gold Stone Statue

Every 15,000 years, the 4 teenagers of Gord are able to put a knife in The Gold Stone Statue and have good luck for the rest of their lives. Bliss is one of the poor girls in Gord and needs all the luck she can get but it costs a lot of gold to get it. What if she doesn't have enough gold to please The Gold Stone Statue? And what if she can't win over The Gold Stone Statue before the killing of the trio?


1. The Choosing of "The Four"

Bliss's POV


I walked down the stairs. I slowly looked at the pictures on the wall. If I was chosen, I might never see my family again if I don't please The Gold Stone Statue. My family is hoping I am one of "The Four" chosen. By chosen, they mean the four teenagers that can beat the rest up the high hill to stick a knife in the statue to submit their name. I heard from across the street do to the yelling of the parents of my best friend that someone had already submited their name.

"Bliss, you will want to hurry up and get to The Gold Stone Statue before the rest of the spots are taken. It only happens every 15,000 years you know."she said once I got down the stairs. She handed me a knife. Most kids kill other kids to get a better chance to stick their knife in. I will never do that. I nodded and ran out of the house, up the hill, and kneeled infront of the statue.

'Hi, Gold Ston Statue. Just want to stick this knife in one of the slots in your chest. No big deal right?" I asked the statue even though she can't reply. The tales of the statue said it was a she so yeah. I stabbed the knife in the last slot since the rest had gotten filled somehow. I grabbed a blanket made of gold and sat it infront of the statue with the other teens things of gold. I bet you are wondering why it is called The Gold Stone Statue. It is a ancient stone statue which gets presents of gold making it The Gold Stone Statue. The Statue glowed and then it faded. "Thanks, kitty.' Oh yeah it's a cat statue just to let you know. "Thanks for letting be one of them."

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