The Gold Stone Statue

Every 15,000 years, the 4 teenagers of Gord are able to put a knife in The Gold Stone Statue and have good luck for the rest of their lives. Bliss is one of the poor girls in Gord and needs all the luck she can get but it costs a lot of gold to get it. What if she doesn't have enough gold to please The Gold Stone Statue? And what if she can't win over The Gold Stone Statue before the killing of the trio?


2. If people told you one thing, would you believe it?

I ran down the hill, teens saw the glow and knew it was too late. I was smiling the whole way. I ran towards my house and walked in looking sad.

"You didn't make it, did you?" my father asked. A smile grew on my face. He jumped up and hugged me. My mom ran in and saw my smile and father hugging me. She ran over to us with a smile on her face. She threw her arms around me and my father.

"I can't believe you made it." she said. I nodded totally agreeing with her.

"I can't believe it either. I was the last one." I said. My mom's smile grew bigger if that was even possible.

"My daughter, one of 'The Four"." my father said. He smiled even bigger than mom.

"Let's go find out who the other three are." my mom said. My father and I agreed. We walked out of the house looking around at all the people congratulating "The Four" and talking to their family member that didn't get there in time.

"Ashley Burn. One of "The Four"." someone shouted. Their parents are supposed to shout in order of how you got there. Or so they legend says.

"Tyler Lane. One of "The Four"." another person shouted.

"Taze Taylor. One of "The Four"."

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