Zayn Malik's other sister

If you grew up thinking you were someone then to realize you are a completely different person, then you would be crazy too. Trust me, being Zayn Malik's sister is harder than it looks. How about you give it a shot? (This is before he left the band)


1. Why is today such a bad day for me?

I was walking home from school but who wasn't it. The school buses stopped working and the school is too cheap to pay for them to be fixed. I walked into the house and put my bags on the ground. I walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge.

"Hey sweety. I need to tell you something." My mom said while I was looking in the fridge.

"Yeah?" I asked. I turned around to face my mom.

"I am not your real mother." She said it so bluntly like it was no big deal. My eyes widened. What?!?

"Then who is?" I asked.

"Mrs. Malik." (Sorry don't know Zayn's mom's name. Can't know everything).

"As in Zayn Malik's mother." I said more than asked. Is Lucy even my real name?

"Yes and they are taking you into their custody until your 18. They are at the airport in their country and I'm going to ride with you on a plane there right now. You are going to come back but this is just to meet them. Go back an overnight bag." she said. I ran upstairs and packed my bag. I can't believe what is happening!

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