A World Like No Other

Carter and Kat are twins who will never be separated but the virus leaks out and their parents only can save one. Who will it be and what will happen to the other one?


1. I didn't think it would come to this.

Carter and Kat's mom, Talia's POV


I ran down the hallway to the girls' classroom. Parents were everywhere trying to get their kids to safety. The virus leaked out an hour ago. It was all over the news. When I had got to the girls' classroom, I ran in and stopped to look for the girls. A walker had gotten in somehow.

"Mom!" Carter yelled once she found me. Kat was one step behind her. The walker was fast and behind Kat and Carter in seconds.

"Aaaaahhhhh." Kat had screamed because the walker had grabbed onto her arm. It grabbed Carter too. I ran over to a desk, grabbed scissors, ran back, and had them ready to stab. One of the parents had already gotten their kid and had come over to help me. Carter's friend, Maci's mom. She had a machete.

"Carter, pull away." Maci yelled.

"I can't."

"Yes you can." Carter pulled away as hard as she could but the walker was too strong. Maybe later in the apocalypse they won't be as strong or fast. The walker was about to bite into Kat's neck. Carter pulled the walker back to her and it was about to bite her. Kat pulled it back to her. It was like they were playing tug o war with the thing. Please don't bite my baby girls. Please.

"NOOOO." Kat had been bit in the neck, the walker began to move to her stomach to finish her off. Carter was able to pull away but ran into stuff since she couldn't see where she was walking because she was crying over her not-dead-but-soon-will-be sister. Kat fell straight to the floor, lifeless.




R.I.P. Kat

Who will die next? ~crazy Draco lover :-)

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