Pure (Fred Weasley Love Story)

Rebecca Wright is going into her 6th year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with Fred and George Weasley, her best friends for life. During the year her and Fred get closer than before, and come together. They go through some ups and downs in their relationship, but come through. But when Rebecca finds out some secret, and loses many of her friends, her partner in crime, Frederick Weasley, might not be enough.


5. To the Cup

  Well. Fuck. I opened my eyes slightly to see Ginny, Hermione, and George looking down on us. I felt someone jolt upright behind me and I knew instantly Fred had just noticed what was was happening. I could hear him swearing under his breath, like I was doing. I sat upright to and climbed out of the bed.

  You two better get ready, I expect we'll be leaving soon," said Hermione, still giggling as she left the room with Ginny, trying to hide her waves of laughter, but failed miserably. "Why didn't you tell me you guys were going to, 'do it'," said George, smirking. He was already dressed and ready to go. I aimed a punch at him, and hit him directly in the stomach. 

  "We didn't have sex you bastard," I said, now starting to join in on the laughing. "Yea," said Fred, chuckling. 

  I left the room to go change in Ginny's, and I looked at myself in the mirror across from her bed. My curly hair was a mess, it always was when I woke up. I brushed it out and when I finished, it returned back to its regular curly state. I put on some mascara, to make my semi-bright green eyes stand out. I finished my look off with some blue jeans, a green shirt (the same color as my eyes) and a bracelet Fred and George gave me in our 2nd year as a, "friendship memory."

  After looking at myself one more time, I walked over to the window and opened up the curtains. My original plan was to let in sunlight, but outside was in semi-darkness, and it didn't change the rooms lighting a bit. 

  "Why are we going to the World Cup in this darkness?" I said, looking at Ginny, who was putting on her socks. "I dunno, Dad's idea," said Ginny, looking up from her feet. "They're all downstairs I believe, if you want to ask them, I'm going down now." 

  I followed Ginny down and heard from Mr. Weasley, "We've got a bit of a walk," 

  I sat down not listening to the conversation. I knew we had to walk already, we were taking a Portkey. I knew Mr. Weasley would never make us walk as far as the World Cup, that was miles away. When we were about to leave, I heard Mrs. Weasley yell, "George! What's that in your pocket?" and it gave me such a surprise, that I jumped slightly and my foot landed on Fred's, and when it did, I got hit the face from one of the twins Ton-Tongue-Toffee.

  "Oh, sorry dear," said Mrs, Weasley, smiling, then returning to her mad face, she yelled, "Accio! Accio! Accio!" while pointing her wand at Fred and George's pockets, George's jacket linings, and the upturns of Fred's pants. 

  I gave them both and sorry face and went outside, knowing I would soon hear more of Mrs. Weasley screaming, and honestly, I was super dizzy. 

  I heard her once more by the tree I was standing by and soon saw ginger hair, brown hair, and black hair pass me. I jogged up to the twins and my my arms around them both.      

  "Too bad your mum got our candy, huh?" I said, looking up at them smiling with my snow-white teeth. "Yep," said Fred, making a popping noise on the letter P. 

  I let go of George and said to Fred, "May I?" He smiled and ducked down as I jumped on his back. He knew what I meant because I always claimed myself, "lazy," and one day he said just to hop on his back and he ran me to Charms class. Since then, whenever I said "May I?" he let me climb on. 

  Before I knew it, we were at the Portkey, and since I was slightly falling asleep on Fred's back, I was unaware that two people had joined us. I saw Cedric and jumped off Fred. A gave him a hug and saw Fred scowling out of the corner of my eye. 

  "You together?" he whispered to me as I broke the hug. He knew my secret along with  Harry and George, but I always pretended that they didn't know. "No way," I said, laughing at him. I turned around to go back to Fred when I got a big hug from Amos Diggory, who, if possible, was the Diggory I didn't like. 

   "Oh, uh, hello Mr. Diggory," I said backing up, and putting on a fake and strained smile. "Hello!" he said in his usual jolly voice. 

  "Yes, its a minute, better get ready," said Mr. Weasley, grabbing the boot. Everyone did the same, and, as always, I was in between Fred and George. But since the boot was much smaller than 8 people, I was squished, which, Fred seemed to be enjoying. 

  It then happened so sudden, I let out a little scream. I heard Fred chuckling, and I bit my lip at this, and he seemed to stop immediately. I then slammed into someone on the ground. I had landed on Fred himself, and he had sprouted a nosebleed.

  I apologized so much to him that he had to pull me up instead of me pulling him. "It's fine," he said smirking. 

  He pointed his finger at something close by, and there was the Quidditch World Cup.


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