Pure (Fred Weasley Love Story)

Rebecca Wright is going into her 6th year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with Fred and George Weasley, her best friends for life. During the year her and Fred get closer than before, and come together. They go through some ups and downs in their relationship, but come through. But when Rebecca finds out some secret, and loses many of her friends, her partner in crime, Frederick Weasley, might not be enough.


3. To My Surprise

  As I stumbled on into the Weasleys' kitchen, I saw Fred and George laughing again, and I smiled. "Hello, dear!" Said Mrs. Weasley, giving me a hug. "Hi," I said smiling. "Now, where will you be sleeping tonight dear?" Said Mrs. Weasley. I thought about it. I usually go between Ginny and the twins. Fred looked over at me smiling and I smiled back. "I guess Fred and George's will be good," I said smiling again and walking up the narrow staircase to their room. 

  I heard a loud bang downstairs which meant Harry was back. Mrs. Weasley then came in the room and gave me the air mattress I usually slept on. "I'm afraid it won't blow up dear," said Mrs. Weasley with a frown, "Would you like to move to Ginny's room?" "W-" Is all I said, because obviously Mrs. Weasley heard something and was thundering down the stairs. 

  I look at the twins dresser where my trunk lay. I know I shouldn't feel this way, but it felt like a balloon had punctured inside me. I had been wanting to stay with the twins, and unless I slept on the floor, which was not happening, I had to go with Ginny. I didn't have a problem with Ginny, she just was younger than me, and I really wanted to stay with the twins. 

  I heard a huge yell downstairs, guessing it had something to do with Fred and George. I grabbed my trunk and lulled it into Ginny's room. "Whatcha doin' Bec?" said Ginny, smiling up at me. "I had to come in here to sleep, air mattress,"  I said, looking at Ginny's confused expression. " Hey Mione," I said, looking at Hermione Granger, Ron and Harry's best friend.

  "Hi Crooky!," I said, petting Hermione's cat, who I was rather fond of. Crookshanks purred and brushed me with his bottle-brush tail. 

  "Ginny! Rebecca! Hermione! Come down and help with the table dears!" I heard from Ginny's room. We got up and went downstairs. "Girls, get the silverware, were eating outside," said Mrs. Weasley smiling. As we walked out we heard her scream "OH, NOT AGAIN!" and I giggled slightly. When I got outside I saw everyone looking up, and where they were looking were two tables.

  Charlie and Bill were having a table battle. One of the legs broke, and Charlie muttered "Reparo" and it was fixed instantly.

  During dinner I sat between Fred and George, and only us three really talked to each other. "So, you staying with us tonight Becky? Yea, I guess I am irresistible," Said Fred trying to flip his hair but failed. "Nah, air mattress is flat, gotta stay with Gin," I said, taking some more strawberry icecream from the bowl. Fred looked as though he could have spit out all of his pumpkin juice. "Oh, uh, well  I can sleep on the floor," he said, blushing slightly.

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