Pure (Fred Weasley Love Story)

Rebecca Wright is going into her 6th year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with Fred and George Weasley, her best friends for life. During the year her and Fred get closer than before, and come together. They go through some ups and downs in their relationship, but come through. But when Rebecca finds out some secret, and loses many of her friends, her partner in crime, Frederick Weasley, might not be enough.


4. Miserable Morning

  I felt as though I was going to spit out my pumpkin juice to. Fred had only blushed once in his life, and that was when Angelina kissed him on the cheek thinking he was George. I knew Fred didn't like me though, we were just friends.

  "Are you blushing?" I said, looking up at him. I was slightly shorter than Fred. "No, but still, I will," He said with a smirk and continued eating. "Your gonna die one day from a overdose of food you know," I said picking up my bowl and bringing inside to the sink. "Fanks," he said, as icecream spurted from his mouth.

  After a while everyone came in for bed. I explained to Ginny what I was doing, and moved my trunk for the third time today. George was already in there, getting into bed. "See, Fred likes you," he said yawning and then turning over. "What the hell, George? he doesn't, were friends," I said as I got into Fred's bed on the other side of the room.

  Me and George were talking last year about how Fred might like me, but I tried to tell him we were friends, and that's all we'll ever be. He always disagreed with me and smirked at me because he knew a secret only three people on the face of the earth knew. I had a huge crush on Fred. Cedric had always made fun of me, because Fred and George were identical, so there wasn't a difference. What Cedric didn't know was that George was a lot more, well, sensitive than Fred. I then started to drift off when I heard Fred enter.

  I heard a little clunk on the floor, where he was probably sleeping, and I hid my blush when I found out he was closer to me than George, which was a stupid thing to make me blush.

  After about 10 minutes, George snored quietly, but I was still wide awake, staring at the ceiling.

  "You still up?" I heard Fred mumble from the floor. "Y-Yea," I said in between a yawn. "We got the Cup tomorrow, I can't get any sleep on the darn floor though," Fred said. 'I can move to Ginny-," "No,'' said Fred quickly. "But do you mind if I just climb in? It is my bed.

  I blushed. Damn my blush
  "Fine," I mumble, scooting over. As Fred climbed in, I could smell the weak scent of spearmint, which was the scent of his cologne. "Try anything though I'm going to kick you as hard as I can," I say, looking back at him smirking.

  "Good with me," he said, turning the opposite way.

   After a few minutes I heard him turn over again, but now snoring. His arms had wrapped around me, but since he was asleep, I would let it pass. After that, I dozed off.

  It only felt like a few minutes, but I was soon being shaken awake and I could hear sniggering and laughing right above me.

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