You're My Fallen Angel...

I, Savannah Kearns, love BVB. It opens my eyes to all the possibilities life has to offer but never really shows. I admire all five boys the same but Andy has something special. Something hidden and broken inside that you can't find in his music. When Savannah's not so loving step dad drops her off on the side of the road who knows where with nothing but her clothes she is wearing and a bottle of water, will her pleas be rewarded or will that be her end...


4. you think I'm teasing

*Andy's P.O.V.*

     She is so silent when she sleeps. We found her about two days ago lying on the road, on the verge of death. Her black jeans where ripped to shreds and was her BVB shirt. A couple of hours ago she started to shiver and my body heat was not enough. I had ashley grab some of my pants and a sweatshirt. I changed and bathed her myself. Blushing furiously the whole time. I hope she never finds out about the last part. She was covered in bruises and scrapes. It brought back old memories. Ones I never wanted to think about.

     I've held her in my arms since I picked her up from the road. A frail little thing. I couldn't tell whether she fell from heaven or crawled her way up from hell. I can tell she has been through a lot. Though I don't even know her name. I look down at her peaceful sleeping face, surprised when I see her beautiful jade eyes staring up at me. 

     She looks as though she's thinking so I decide to say something."oh your awake" but before I can say anything more she jumps up screaming something about me then falling to the floor covering her face with her arm and mumbling something about how this can't be happening.

     I chuckle to myself and pick her up wrapping my arms around her waist. She starts to flail. I laugh louder and set her down in a kitchen chair. Within minutes I have set bacon eggs pancakes and a glass of Orange juice. She eats them like she hasn't eaten in days. Oh wait. She hasn't. I feel my heart break a little more. What happened to this poor you woman!?!?!?!?!?

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