You're My Fallen Angel...

I, Savannah Kearns, love BVB. It opens my eyes to all the possibilities life has to offer but never really shows. I admire all five boys the same but Andy has something special. Something hidden and broken inside that you can't find in his music. When Savannah's not so loving step dad drops her off on the side of the road who knows where with nothing but her clothes she is wearing and a bottle of water, will her pleas be rewarded or will that be her end...


10. WHAT!?!?!?

     About two hours later the boys come back to the bus which had been parked outside of Wal-Mart with... FOUR CARTS FULL OF CLOTHES. I nearly had a heart attack. "Are those all for me?" I whisper to Andy. He nods seemingly not suprised. "Oh My God... ASHLEY!!! CC!!! JINXX!!! JAKE!!! IM GONNA KILL YOU!!! HOW EXACTLY DO YOU EXPECT ME TO PAY YOU GUYS BACK?!?!?!" I scream. They look at each other.

     "We aren't that rude. You don't have to pay us back. Silly child" Jake says patting me on the head. I swat his hand away. "Arent you gonna try them on? You can do a fashion walk for us!" Andy shoots him the death glare. "By us we mean Andy by the way." Jinxx cuts in. Andy takes me to the bunks ignoring ashley as he calls to us "did you have fun while we where gone?" I could have sworn Andy was gonna punch him in the face.

     Andy sits on one if the bunks as I take one of the shopping bags into the bathroom. I open it. "What the crap???" I say and toss the bag to Andy.He opens it and pulls out a black laces thong. 

     He swirls it around with his fingers. "I like it." He says with a sexy grin on his face.I cover my red face with my hands. He puts it back in the bag with the other under garments I don't want to know about.

     I grab a couple more bags take them into the bathroom. In the first and second ones are shoes. Black boots with chains that are amazing and some black converse. In he other bags are leather pants leather jacket and belts. Some make up and war paint. I decided that this is enough for today and pick an outfit get dressed and do my make up.

     " I look like I would fit right in with you guys on stage."I say to Andy

     " yeah actually about that..." I look him right in his electrifying blue eyes. 

     " you don't mean... but I'm not even a good singer..."

     " but that's where your wrong babe. You sing in your sleep. You sing our songs. And to tell you the truth I think you sing them better than we do. He he. You just have to relax." I look likely the goddess of death. This will be thrilling.

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