You're My Fallen Angel...

I, Savannah Kearns, love BVB. It opens my eyes to all the possibilities life has to offer but never really shows. I admire all five boys the same but Andy has something special. Something hidden and broken inside that you can't find in his music. When Savannah's not so loving step dad drops her off on the side of the road who knows where with nothing but her clothes she is wearing and a bottle of water, will her pleas be rewarded or will that be her end...


15. Thongs and phones

     (Savannah P.O.V.)

     I wake up in Andy's arms. Oh god.Memories come flooding back. Jesus. He is beautiful. I can't describe it. A wide grin spreads across my face. "Morning beautiful... I will take full responsibility if you can walk today." I blush deeply and sweat at him. He chuckles. I am in the same sweatshirt as I was when I woke up after the rescued me. I hold it close. "Keep it darling." He says

      I look up ant him. "Really!" He nods. He has a twinkle in his beautiful blue eyes. I snuggle close to him again and he wraps his arms around me with a satisfied sigh. We both jump when we hear a knock at the door. Andy gets up."coming." He starts walking to the door.

     "Erm Andy?"I say tossing him a blanket he catches it and looks down realizing he is still naked. Then he blushes and wraps he blanket at around his waist. I grab the sheets and cover my lower regions. He opens the door.

     I stand up, still with the sheets, and walk over to see who it is. It's the whole band I screech and hide behind Andy. "Do need something?" Andy asks.CC peeks into the room and says.

     "Wow it looks like you guys had more fun than we did." And starts to close the door but CC cuts in again. "I got you a phone by the way Savannah." I thank him and say I would give him a hug but...

     Andy closes the door and hugs me around the waist. I kiss him on the fore head. He looks up at me with his crystal clear baby blues. My heart skips a beat. I lean my fore head against his and close my eyes."I love you." And tears stream my face which and wipes away.

     "I love you more." He says. Letting go of me. I change into a beautiful black dress. And when I come out he is dressed and waiting for me. I take his outstretched hand and we leave the room.

 We go and sit on the couch and andy helps me set up the new phone which I hug the guys for. And about an hour later jinxx comes out and flings something black and yellow at me. Crap it was my thong. I look at Andy and we both blush.

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