You're My Fallen Angel...

I, Savannah Kearns, love BVB. It opens my eyes to all the possibilities life has to offer but never really shows. I admire all five boys the same but Andy has something special. Something hidden and broken inside that you can't find in his music. When Savannah's not so loving step dad drops her off on the side of the road who knows where with nothing but her clothes she is wearing and a bottle of water, will her pleas be rewarded or will that be her end...


7. confused feelings

     I wake up In Andy's arms. He is still asleep. I am angry sad happy hurt and confused all at the same time. Is this really happening? Does this man really love me. What is going to happen. Where is his bus even going? Oh god. Where does my dad think I am. Dead most likely. And my neighbors and schoolmates. They best friend Chloe. Where does she think I am.

     What do the other hand guy think of me? What do they think me and andy have together. Why did andy choose, or pretend to choose, me? He could have anyone. Literally. I don't think I can put up with this for long. Like a matter of minutes.

     To late. The tears flow down my cheeks. I can't stop them. The sobbing shakes my body so much I have to get out of bed to not wake the sleeping angel next to me. I don't know where to go. I can barely walk. I stumble to the nearest door and open it. Its a supply closet. I lock my self in there. I cry my heart out.

     Somewhere along the way I fall asleep in my river of tears. I wake up to 5 voices frantically calling my name I am so weak I can barely let out a mumble so I tap the door a few times. Someone frantically opens it. It's Ashley. "Andy I found her!!! Yeah she's ok!!! Over here!!!" A frightened andy comes running but stopped in his tracks when he sees my condition.

~hiya babes!!! I know it's depressing here. I'm very sensitive I had a hard time keeping it together and it's not even that sad!!! Well enjoy plz~

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