You're My Fallen Angel...

I, Savannah Kearns, love BVB. It opens my eyes to all the possibilities life has to offer but never really shows. I admire all five boys the same but Andy has something special. Something hidden and broken inside that you can't find in his music. When Savannah's not so loving step dad drops her off on the side of the road who knows where with nothing but her clothes she is wearing and a bottle of water, will her pleas be rewarded or will that be her end...


14. Andy's P.O.V

     I got so mad. They have no place to make fun of her like that!!! I was about to punch someone in the face. She just stepped out on stage. And they booed at her. What douche bags!!! We head to the bus and she is giggling so attractively. I wait and wait. And FINALLY the rest of the band and their girls leave. I can't take it.

     My Fallen Angel. She has such a happy and content look on her face I almost don't want to move her. Almost. I reach over and move her so that she's facing me. She has that adorable surprised look on her face. It's quite arousing. Oh god I've been having trouble keeping my hands off of her.

     "Wi... Will you just touch me already Andy? I see your hands hesitating. I think I'm ready and I will tell you if it goes to far. I love you. Take me." She says after a minute or two. I pick her up by the waist and I fall back onto the couch kissing. I thrust my tongue into her mouth. Never done this before. !!!!! She hesitates for a second but just goes with the flow.

     I put my hands under her and stand up. Neither of us stop kissing. I feel my way to the bunk room and set her down on my bunk. I lock the door and kick my boots off. She does the same and lays down. I kneel over her, careful not to hurt her. I'm shaking... God I'm so nervous.

     I shoot her a questioning glance. She nods sincerely. Ok. Get it together Andy!!! I draw in some shakes breaths. Condoms crap... oh yeah. I have some under my pillow. I get on out. She blushes, but not as much as i do. She tugs at the bottom of my shirt. Here is goes. I pull it over my head.

~this is terrible end of the chapter but I have a message for you. Keep scare rolling down~


                                       <        \ 

                                           |  \

{This is for all my single ladies. I added a very detailed extra story. I guess it isn't the end... well warning. Readers discretion in advised...}




     I pull my shirt over my head. And let it fall to the floor. She is watching not meaning to but intently.  She realizes and self consciously starts pulling the comforter an sheets back. I laugh to my self, a little louder than I meant to. She looks up at me. She doesn't have to use words her eyes tell the story.

     "Erm... you don't have to be so self conscious. I'm curious too. I... I don't really care if you watch..." i say. She nodes blushing deeply. I unbuckle my belt and slide my pants of. Jeez today of all days I wore my bat man boxers. She laughs and starts to undress.

     Lol! She is wearing a bat man thing and matching bra! How did she know? As quickly as I can I slip off my underwear and put on the condom. Sliding into bed. Surprisingly she is blushing more than I am. My shaky hands run over her shoulders and to her back where I unclip her bra. Then down under the covers where u tug her panties down. The stupidly fling it across the room she laughs and when I turn back to her she is covered by the blanket.

     I try my best to hide my massive erection. I do not know why. I love this woman. Sho loves me. I tug at the blanket and she lets it go. She lays back down. Not meeting my eyes. I gently touch her lips with my finger. She smiles and grabs my hands. Putting them on her ribs. "Touch me." And that all it takes.

     I clumsily climb over her. God help me!!! What do I do. I know that I know. I just don't know right now. I bury my face in her necksmelling her sweet scent. I can't describe the rest because i hardly know how I did it. Also you can't describe the sheer beauty of her body

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