*-*Michael clifford short story*-*

This is a smut book
So if you don't like smut don't read it
I will update
This book is like a ten chapter book just saying
��Michael Clifford��


1. ||0.1||

*-*The shower*-*

Kaleigh's POV

"Everyone be sure to lock your doors tonight. Theirs an escapee from Ridge Gila home for the insane on the loose. His name is Michael Gordon Clifford,his whereabouts are unknown,so if you have any idea where he might be call

***-***-****. Thank you and good night"

The news lady said Shit well....now we will all just sit back and relax while theirs a psycho on the loose.


I decided to watch a little ahs and eat some ice cream for a while. I have I admit I was really paranoid about showering that night, but I came to the realization that if I don't shower I'll smell like shit so...

I walk upstairs to the shower strip off all of my clothes and turn on the hit water.

3rd person POV

He was out. Free all he needed was a place to stay

He had been stalking a curtain girl by the name of kaleigh. He knows every little thing about his baby girl.

He thought he should pay her a little visit. He did exactly that he had gotten to Kaleigh's house a little after he had gotten in the shower. He smirked to him self knowing she was showering. He broke into her house and headed strait for the bathroom.

Kaleigh's POV

I've been reading a shit load of Smut, like I feel that Harry Styles will come into this shower any moment and fuck me mercilessly.

I mean imagine a sexy se god coming into the shower with you

Oh a girl can dream

I was washing my hair until two strong arms wrapped around my waist.

I was froze in my place and was on the verge on peeing my self. I was turned around in one swift movement, face to face with a sexy sex god?

He's not Harry but he just as amazing looking,maybe even better. He had crazy hair color that suited him and a few tattoos. Wait! This guy just comes into my shower and im calling him good looking!?

He looks familiar he looks like that


"Hey baby girl " Michael ? Was it

Whispered,his face inching closer to mine. I know I shouldn't want this but it feels right.

Our bodies wet and slippery , and his eyes dripping with want and longing.

The sight if his makes me dripping wet. "Who are you?"I whispered while his fingers trail my stomach,making me shiver in delight. "Michael and I know your name is kaleigh" he said whilst nuzzling his face in the crook of my neck placing kisses on my bare skin.

Ok I know i m going to regret this but... I want this boy now! " I want you so bad baby girl. Everyday I've watched you.....let's just say....you made me stand up in all the right places" Michael said,moving his hand to my thigh, rubbing my inner thigh in a teasing manner. I couldn't take it anymore I smashed my lips to his.

Oh god knowing he's psycho makes this so much hotter. That sounded messed up but it's the truth. He buys my lip and darts his tounge into my mouth making me moan quietly, I felt his smirk against my lips.

Michael removes his lips from mine and places hot kisses down my throat. Making me moan his name.

He starts sucking all around my neck then running his tongue along the purple marks.

He suddenly stops everything he's doing and gets on his knees I think I know were this is going. Michael kisses my inner thigh completely ignoring my throbbing heat.

I grabbed on to his hair "Michael please don't tease me" I beg

" princess you this wet all because of me right " he asks cockily and blows warm air into me the hot water making this 100x's better

"YES MICHAEL ALL BECAUS SOF YOU PLEASE DO SOMETHING" I begged with out waring he licks up my slit and I gasp gripping into his hair harder making him grunt. Before I knew it he was full on eating me out

I warned him that I was close he looked up at me with black eyes no white

I should have been scared but I wasn't he looked down at my area once more licking me a few more times"let it go, baby girl,I wanna taste that sweet wet pussy of yours" he spoke dirtily. I rode out my high into his tongue. He kissed my womanhood once more.

"Now the real thing, baby girl" Michael said cupping my thighs wrapping them around his waist. He kissed my neck before inserting two fingers into my wetness.

My moans filling the bathroom after awhile of that Michael made me cum into his fingers he took them out and licked them clean" you taste fucking amazing princess" Michael said

Not long after he put his huge manhood into my womanhood, making me yelp in pain. "Mikey...it hurts" I say into his shoulder " I know baby girl it'll be okay"he said kissing me everywhere trying to reassure me that everything will be okay.

For a psycho he's really sweet and loving. I told Michael it was okay to move ,he went he went slow but was just as pleased as I was.

Our moans filled the room as our bodies stuck like glue, the water not doing anything helpful.

We both reached our highs after a while. My legs were like Jell-O, I could not stand properly Michael kissed my forehead and carried me out of the shower to the bedroom.

He sat me down on the bed as he lies down next to me. He cuddled me and kissed my head before saying" I love you princess, so much" he said kissing my head repeatedly. " I love you too,Michael"

Even though he was a psycho he was mine



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