Dark Driver

When Anastasia finds herself completely helpless, a hero (Dakota) forces her from a sad place in her life as she slowly falls in love with him. But theres one problem: His troubled past makes his decision to change from the tough guy to a Knight In Shining armor a bit tough.
(Btw this is kinda suppose to be an anime sorta thing sooo it may or may not make a whole hell of a lot of sense. The first few parts suck ass majorly because i was writing it on my phone soo yeah.)


1. Pilot

Ana's POV I open my eyes, wiping the tears from my face. I felt like i was drowning, but breathing at the same time. Every move I made trying to lift my arms or legs made them feel as if more bricks were piling on top of me. But it was still stuck in my head.. the only thing i could think about was him... X flashback X the rain falls in the dark night as the boy with messy wet hair slowly looks up into my eyes reaching his hand towards me X end of flashback X who is this boy? this handsome, mysterious person? His shaggy brown hair falling into his face leaving a trail of water trickling from his cheeks. His eyes, ever so captivating. I had to know who he was and why he kept appearing in my dreams. even without saying one word I feel like I'm falling for him. Dakota's POV has she even notice me? It takes so much for me to even try to reach out to her. But it seems like none of that even matters. it's like The cycle is endless. i'm in a whole nother world. and even though she's so close it's like she's so far away. I feel like I'm going insane. was she really the one or am I just transferring my emotions on to another person? no she had to be the one. why else would I keep trying?
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