Dark Driver

When Anastasia finds herself completely helpless, a hero (Dakota) forces her from a sad place in her life as she slowly falls in love with him. But theres one problem: His troubled past makes his decision to change from the tough guy to a Knight In Shining armor a bit tough.
(Btw this is kinda suppose to be an anime sorta thing sooo it may or may not make a whole hell of a lot of sense. The first few parts suck ass majorly because i was writing it on my phone soo yeah.)


3. Episode two: The aftermath Greens

Today was the first day of second semester, after weeks of tests and stress the school year was finally half way over. After doing my daily routine, I walked to the bus meeting Taylor there. “Whats up whoreo??” She squeeled. “Not much miss rainbow gayness.” I laughed as she was completely covered head to toe in different colours. “Shush! I’m trying something new.” “Scene phase over I’m guessing?” She nodded, “Yeah but your never gonna grow out of it are you?” “Yeahhhhh doubtful. Plus I look damn good!” I mocked, striking a weird duckface pose. “You’re a freak!!” “I know, but you love me anyways right??” “yeah now comeonnn!!” She yelled as she drug me onto the crowded bus. Paper airplanes flew about the cab as people yelled, moving around making the already smelly area much more cramped and less tolerable. Once we arrived at the highschool, Taylor and I split up and went to our homerooms. I’ve always hated Orting, people there were so stupid and irritating. I swear no one has any class!! Its pathetic! Each period dragged on slowly for what seemed like forever, Once lunch finally rolled around I planned on meeting Taylor in the cafeteria. As I entered the door, I fell to the ground as someone’s shoulder slammed into me. He turned around.. “Oops, sorry.” He said, smirking. Ew.. Nigel. I quickly grabbed his pant leg and ripped the denim. “Heh, oops, sorreyy.” I flashed him a devious smirk as his expression turned from surprised to pure pissed off ness. I got up and walked over to Taylor, sitting beside her. “Duude! Those were like his favorite!” She looked shocked, “Ya know he’s gonna kill you right?” I rolled my eyes, “yeah but you can’t kill whats already dead.” “You’re a tard. But I cant believe he shoulder checked you!!” “Meh not surprising. Hes just jealous cuz you told him my dicks bigger than his.” “I know!! Yours is oh so fucking huge.” She says laughing. I smile, glancing around at the different tables. There were the populars, the nerds who cant get dates, the guys who never shower it seems, the drama club, the goths, the swaggets and then theres us. The mix of the scene kids and weirdos and wannabes. Really we’re the unofficial welcoming committee. I took another once over of the room and nearly choked on my cheeto. There he was… how..when.? I couldn’t think straight. Who was he? And how did he just suddenly appear here..? “Dude, the fuck?” “That guy!! I’ve seen him before!!” I gasped pointing to him. “DIBBS!!!” Taylor yelled. “Oh fuck no bitch! Miineee!! Besides you’ve got whoever your internet fucking this week.” “Oh true… fiinee whatever. Like I care.” She said rolling her eyes. “Now stop being a pussy!! Go talk to him. If you want dibbs that is.” “Dude no way! Your insane! Im a pussy for life.” “ya got that right!” I turned my head as Cameron walked by, sitting across from me. “Oh shut up, its not like you have any balls either.” Taylor retorted. “Psh more than you! Watch!” He challenged as he got up and walked over Rayden and slapped his ass, then non-chalontly walked back. Rayden Squealed and glared at Cameron, chasing him across the cafeteria attempting to slap him with a stick of celery. Eventually giving up as Cam’s giraffness was just to swag to handle. (Note the sarcasm) As Cameron sat back down, pretending like nothing happened He asked what all the fuss was over this guy. “I have dibbs, that’s all.” “Ohhh Ana’s got a crushhhhh!!!” He mocked, as taylor poked my cheeks. “Shut up!! You guys are so gay!” As my face turned red. Just then that really hot guy happened to look at me and shake his head. “Guuyysss he totally saw that!!” I whined, hiding my face. Not much went on after that exept meaningless conversation and bickering as usual. How did I know this guy? Where was he from and how the hell did he come out of my dream and appear at my highschool? Was this fate.. or something else entirely? What if this was just going to play out like the evermore series? Yeah I’ve read every single book but it doesn’t mean I want to be saved from a car wreck and forced into some weird freaky immortal world with drama and gross smelling ghost juice. After school let out, Taylor, Rayden, Cameron and I hung out in town for awhile. Seeing as there’s nothing else to do but smoke at greens park. Which is basically stoner central. Cameron pulled out his massive bag of refer as I filled up Raydens bubbler with fruity water. I took the first hit, then Taylor, then Rayden then Cameron then back to me. Taylor blaring Steve Aoki’s 10 years of madness mix and raving like a weirdo. “Duuudee, what if we are all just like… dying right now?” Cameron giggles rocking back and forth and looks at me. “Bruhhh like we are!!” I laugh as I exhale the smoke, blowing out rings and passing the bubbler back to Cameron. After we were all nice and baked, we made our way back to the ridge. I still have no idea how we didn't get pulled over. I swear you could smell us from a mile away. But hey YOLO!! xxxx A/N Hey sorry this may or may not have sucked been hard getting back to the groove of things. wattpad is being a dick taco sooo yeah hope you enjoy!! ~Hayhay P.s. This isnt a collab, i'm just taking back camerons account cuz he's to lazy to ever write things or update anything. ughhhh so yeah xDD
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