Dark Driver

When Anastasia finds herself completely helpless, a hero (Dakota) forces her from a sad place in her life as she slowly falls in love with him. But theres one problem: His troubled past makes his decision to change from the tough guy to a Knight In Shining armor a bit tough.
(Btw this is kinda suppose to be an anime sorta thing sooo it may or may not make a whole hell of a lot of sense. The first few parts suck ass majorly because i was writing it on my phone soo yeah.)


2. Episode one: Red Lips

Ana's POV every day was always the same. I hated school and everyone in it. It seems like nothing would ever get any better. No matter what I tried no matter what I did no matter what I said to anyone nothing ever changed. No matter how snarky, sassy , rude or even nice I was everything was always the same. The same look, the same attitude, the same everything and I was getting so tired of it. something had to change that something with me. since the accident I had never been the same. I was The cheerleader type, the preppy girl, the girl everybody thought was so cool And always wanted to hang out with but now I was the outcast the new kid, the annoying kid. after the accident that changed at all I was finally getting to the point where I could be happy. But something was still missing, I was exactly who I wanted to be but still I found myself depressed living the same life, the same way, every same god damn day. and that was the way it was up until a few months ago. that's when I started having the dreams. at first I was alone in a dark forest surrounded by nothing but rain, trees and weeds. then every night something would change and now I see him. He was different. I could never put a name to his face or even hear his voice but somehow I knew he was important. but how how can you know so much from seeing someone you've never even been able to hear their voice, know their name, what they like or what kind of person they are? everyone thinks I'm crazy but to me it feels normal, right even.
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