Never be

Isabella lopez is a 18 year old girl that is moving in with her new family. Her brother is ashton irwin. When she goes out with them will it change everything?

Read to find out........


9. chapter 8

"So" Ashton looked at me. " did you have fun?" We are in the car, going back home. After me and Michael came back from our hiding place, I hugged each boy then Ashton said we needed to go.

"Yes." I admit."thank you" it's the first Time that I've ever thanked him for anything."your welcome" he smiled slightly. "You disappeared for a long time. Where were you?"

" I was with Micheal" I said. Ashton stared at me "are you and Michael...... A thing" he asked carefully. "No! At least not yet" I said remembering what he said to me.

" Bella, listen.Michaels cool and all, and I'm glad that you're friends. But I don't think that's a good idea. At all." I glare at him"we're just friends.

But if that changes it's none of your business. Take it up to Michael if you have a problem with us hanging out for 5 minuets in the park." Ashton sighs.

But doesn't say anything else.when we got home I ran to my room and jumped on my bed.then my phone rings. Bored, I check who it is." Oh My God" I whisper to myself.

"It's Michael........"

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