Never be

Isabella lopez is a 18 year old girl that is moving in with her new family. Her brother is ashton irwin. When she goes out with them will it change everything?

Read to find out........


8. chapter 7

"So Bella?" It's Michael." Have you ever been here befor?" I shake my head. His eyes light up." Well, I'll just have to show you around. That's is, If you don't mind" he dramatically holds his hand, and I can see the looks his friends are giving him. But he seems nice enough.

" I don't mind." I take his hand and we run off together, leaving Ashton and his friends behind. " Don't steal the water fountain, again Michael!!"

I hear Ashton's voice, and the other boys laughing. I turn to stare at Michael." You stole a water fountain?" I ask. " if you want to get to know me, you should know that I have a habit of stealing. Alot."

I really don't care that he steals things, but something he says in my mind. " who says I want to get to know you?" I ask, even to high I do. " Well, do you?"Michael asks. I nod" yes" I admit. His face lights up.

" good. Then give me your number and we can hang out sometime."the look on his fad makes me laugh. I know Ashton will be mad if hi finds out about this, but I don't care."sure"

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