Never be

Isabella lopez is a 18 year old girl that is moving in with her new family. Her brother is ashton irwin. When she goes out with them will it change everything?

Read to find out........


12. chapter 11

Bella~Yeah I trust you it's just that I don't want to get in trouble

Mikey~You won't. Besides, we won't be alone. Luke and Calum will be there

Mikey~Please I need to see your cute face

Bella~Aww!!<3 you're cute so I guess I'll come

Mikey~This will be fun ☺️

Mikey~Meet us at the parking lot at midnight. Wear black if you can

Bella~What are we going to steal a car? 😂😂

Mikey~Shh!!You aren't suppose to know about that

Bella~Wait are you serious?😳😵

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