Never be

Isabella lopez is a 18 year old girl that is moving in with her new family. Her brother is ashton irwin. When she goes out with them will it change everything?

Read to find out........


2. chapter 1

My room in this stupid house Is so much smaller than the one in my old house. Which is bad because I now have to live in my room.

Ever since my parents got divorced and my mom got remarried, my life has just been getting worse and worse. Two weeks ago, just before the wedding, my mom moved into her new husband's house and forced me to come with her.

I hate it here. And that's not even the worst part, now I have this annoying, conceited stepbrother Ashton Irwin. My mom, was so sure we're the same age, but I hate him.

Also I am pretty sure he feels the same way about me. At least he's tried to talk to me a few times, while I've just been ignoring him entirely

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