Game on

" You can't beat me" he smirked
"Game on"


5. WTF?!

"Captains up front, now heads or tails ?" "Heads" Vicky shouted "Tails" James said calmly the referee flipped the coin and as the two captains looked up and down as it landed it was Heads "Yes shame twat face"Vicky stuck her tongue out while James just laughed it off and while Everyone got into their positions.

Vickys POV

"Girls come in" I shouted loudly they quickly ran in "Right now this is our last year in this school and we have scouts watching us so if you want to do well and get a scholarship for a university in America I suggest you play and destroy, NOW BACK TO YOUR POSITIONS"

James POV

"Boys listen right we need to win this match not only cause there's a scout watching our every move to see who gets in for a American uni but we need to win for our rep the girls have never lost a match but neither have we and this match is a make or break it doesn't matter if they're different sex if I dare say they are on the same level as us or even better so heads up boys and no messing around" the boys looked scared not cause of the scout but cause of the girls but this match meant a lot to me even if it didn't to them

A/n James is goalkeeper and Vicky is right wing striker

"Ready?" James and Vicky nodded and the whistle blew

89Minutes into the match

"It's a tie both teams had 2 and everyone is dying on the pitch and still trying to find a weakness in the opposite team" the announcement guy had shouted over his microphone and there was about 700 people at our match the scouts looked pleased yet someone needed to win.

Vickys POV

We have no extra time and we only have a minute left Its easy to pass the boys but not easy to pass Scott and James who was in goal, I thought to myself, "SOPHIE" she turned to me and she knew what I meant I had the ball it was make or break I sprinted down the whole pitch using my tricks and making the boys look like idiots but 2 more boys, I quickly passed the ball to Sophie as soon as we were 10 yards from the goal james and Scott looked shocked at how quickly we got passed yet Scott quickly ran to Sophie while the ball went into the air and Scott&sophie went to the floor while looking up everything went into slow motion I jumped into the air and did a Bicycle Kick as I fell to the ground I watched as the ball went to the back of the net and James just miss the ball by an inch , the Whistle went, WTF just happened did I just beat the boys ?

James POV

She did it, she beat me , she beat us , I was snapped out of my thoughts went the whistle went I couldn't have caught that ball it was impossible it made no sense the way she was standing to were it went, I looked around the pitch to see the boys with plain faces and shocked faces. Everyone got up shook hands with each other while the crowd was screaming and cheering for us all.

Vicky's POV

"Great game girls probably the best in a long time I honestly thought it would've stayed at a draw but thanks to you Vicky the girls and this school have made history. Now here's my card we need to discuss your future" with that the scout walked off

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