Game on

" You can't beat me" he smirked
"Game on"


2. Troublemaker

That must've been the sharpest corner I had ever done yet i loved it , you see I love the feeling of a rush it's my drug some people call me an adrenaline junky only because I drive a BMW Matt black motor bike and when I say it's my baby I mean it's my baby 💖. I wish I could say I'm a normal typical girl but I'm not I hate admitting it because it makes me sound like an attention seeker but I'm more on the rebellious side to life.

As I parked my bike I got all the stares and the looks but what can I do? I can't exactly poke their eyes out but I guess I can live. As I got of all I heard were wolf whistles argh really as I whipped my head around i saw the trouble maker himself, James , he was hot and when I say hot I mean a young Leonardo Di Caprio hot with amber eyes that sparkled like stars and a perfect grin to match his white straight teeth, I rolled my eyes as I took of my helmet and I walked closer to him and pushed him back with my helmet , he probably moved two inches.

As I started to walk away I heard "Damnnn Vicky when you gonna ride me like that" what a twat I spun around so fast I actually felt dizzy but I stood my ground I looked at him taking his image with a death glare he was about 6ft4 or more with the perfect built I was about 5ft9 I was actually tall but with him I looked like a baby.

I scoffed and flipped my finger to him and threw my helmet at him he quickly caught it as if it was a feather , you see me and James play games we always mess around if not with each other with everyone else then. He lost a bet to me so he has to look after my helmet & do other things but when I mean he has to look after it I mean taking it everywhere with him and if anything happens I get to give him a whole makeover and trust me it totally would be worth it 😏.

As I walked into school everyone was silent i looked so confused as I carried on walking, my locker ? There were pictures all over it "What the hell?" I whispered to myself my eyes widened when I saw that it was me in a club dancing with some random guy "WHO DID THIS ?" everyone looked scared but said nothing , a hand shot up instead , and well guess who it was... "James?" He looked so smug, I was about to walk towards him but someone screamed my name "VICTORIA JOHNS WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?" I didn't move I just looked blankly while Everyone else rushed to their class rooms along with James, while I had to deal with the evil headteacher.

A/N- hi guys I've just started but what do you think so far if you don't like it I'll just delete this all together 😅

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