Game on

" You can't beat me" he smirked
"Game on"


4. The match

Victoria's POV-

"VICKY HURRY UP! WHERE WERE YOU?! YOU KNOW WHAT I DONT CARE QUICKLY GET CHANGED" Sophie screamed at me while she ran off, wow, "Hi Vicky how are you ? I'm fine thanks for asking " I say loudly so she can hear "I DONT CARE" she screamed back "STOP SCREAMING YOU IDIOT WHY YOU SCREAMING IM THE CAPTAIN DONT SCREAM AT MEEEEEE" I shouted back and that made everyone look at me in a with scared expressions on their faces i laughed and quickly winked at them, I picked up a football walked over to Sophie and threw it straight at her head , she turned to look at me but I walked over to my hook to get changed but I bet you she was giving me death glares.

Sophie is my best friend she recently came to the school and she is around 5'6ft with long jet black hair that reached just above her arse , she had grey eyes which matched mine she had a small body with a small waist and a big arse while her chest was much smaller.

The girls had a navy blue football kit with our names on our back and our number and while on the front it said our school and our position in initials all on the left side of the chest. I quickly pulled up my knee high socks and put on my booty shorts that sat perfectly on my bum and reached just over my bum, I put my Calvin Klein sports bra on top of my normal one ( only because I'm a 34 E so my boobs would fall out if I didn't wear it 😓) I then threw my top on and quickly put my Nike Cristiano Ronaldo football boots on. I looked in the mirror and was happy with my image I had average boobs and a small flat stomach and my hips which came out due to my arse which was 'nice and juicy' as everyone calls it , I tied my hair up in a ponytail and called the whole girls team in and started my captains speech, " Girls This is an important match some of you are here to prove yourself others are here to prove their parents & teachers but I'm here to prove the boys that they can't prance around thinking they are better than us in everything and I will not leave that pitch until I physically can't not move ARE YOU READY ?" We started our Chant , I know it sounds stupid but it pumped up the girls we all ran on to the pitch and got into our positions.

James POV-

"Seriously dude you need to hurry up especially when we have a match against the girls" Scott said calmly while pulling on his top, I looked around and saw the boys acting like idiots I'll sort them out later I thought to myself , I went to my hook and got changed into our navy blue kit (same as the girls but bigger of course😂)I tied my football boots up and walked over to Scott.

Scott is my best friend he's around 6ft and has blonde&brown hair and Amber eyes like mine he's bulky yet handsome at the same time, he has a chilled personality and he never really gets angry only if some one tries to talk to his girlfriend, Sophie, yes Vicky's best friend and don't even ask me how they got together

"OKAY BOYS COME IN" they all listened and rushed in "You boys are acting as if this game will go like a breeze it won't I know they're girls but the refereeing will be more accurate and you boys will be called up more and also they play rough and I mean rougher than the boys, so you lot need to be a lot more focussed because I don't plan on losing to girls" we cheered and chanted and ran on to the pitch.

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