Game on

" You can't beat me" he smirked
"Game on"


3. Competition

I kicked my feet up on the desk and saw this mystical ball and of course I picked it up and started to throw it about."Victoria stop that now" he roared "Listen uncle stop stressing there's no one here" I said while still playing with the ball, you see the evil headteacher is my uncle and all the students know that so he always has to put up this front to show that 'everyone is equal'.

This is why I get away with nearly everything but no one needs to know that.

"I know I know just wanted to see your reaction" he laughed while replying back to me "But serious Vick stop doing stuff like that this is a private British school and we must uphold its image"he said more firmly " okay don't worry I got the idea" I said while starting to leave the room "hey wait also sort out your uniform and give me back my ball" he moaned like a child, I giggled and threw the ball to him and straighten my cardigan and tie out. My uncle was about 21 yeh i know right young to be a headteacher but this school was family owned so you know it was passed down , taken away from my thoughts I saw James that twat got me 'trouble' he wasn't facing me, there was no one here and he had headphones in , I smirked to myself I quickly jumped on his back and he fell straight onto the floor I don't know how but he was now looking up at me while I was sitting on his hips I ripped out his head phones and slapped him (not hard though because he has a short fuse don't want him to become hulk smash on me 😅)

"What the hell Vicky if you wanted to be on me so bad you could've Told me I would've got my room ready" he smirked thinking he was some type of god , What a loser!

James POV-

I was so confused until I saw Victoria's face and trust me she was an image , I don't think I've ever seen anyone so beautiful with a banging personality and body, she had an hourglass body with curves in the right place her hair reached to the middle of her back , the best way to describe her is that she's a tomboy with a sassiness element. " You seriously thought I'd let you get away with that " she roared but in a cute way " heyyy babe I wouldn't expect anything less and also you still gonna sit on me like that" i said sweetly " Shut up you big loser and also you wish but we have our boys vs girls football match in about 20 minutes and no way will I let you boys win ☺️" she got off me quickly and picked up her things "you think I'll let the girls win?" I scoffed I'm not gonna Lie she is practically good at everything but so am I , the teachers always say we're each other's competition in everything.

"I'm going to get ready so I can beat your arse oh and honey don't cry to much if you get a boo boo " she said whispered in my ear sexually while her finger was trailing around my chest , I could feel my friend down below rising , 'how on earth can she make me rise so quickly?' I thought to myself, back to reality, I held my bag in front of me replied back with a wink and ran off.

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