Angel With A Shotgun

Your a bad idea, but I like bad ideas.


3. Chapter Three


"Danny don't ask Harry soo many questions. Maybe he did it for a reason. Okay go finish your food now." I was so afraid of what Harry would say to him.

"Otay. Fine. But, don't tome crying to me when he weally wants to answer dem."

"I won't Danny. Scouts honor." Yet he still gave me the look.

Harry spoke."I don't like it when people ask me about my body. I have them because it attracts the ladys." I scoffed. "With the exception of your sister. She doesn't know me yet."

After that Danny feld the room, as if his life depends on it. I smiled. Harry grinned. 

"Did you really mean that?" I asked. 

"Sure. About the tattoos. Hell yes. Every tattoo attracts the opposite sex. Though none of the girls were as sexy as you princess."

"So there were other girls? Well I don't know what to make of that." I scooted closer to him. I leaned up. "I guess you can't have anymore girls after me." I was so close to kissing him, but I wouldn't give him that satisfaction yet. He leaned down just as I pulled away.

"Why not?" He asked.

"Because I said, Harry," I grinned. 

"Alright, fine. No more girls. Now which room is yours?" He had this look on his face. 

Just then the front door opened. "Danny, Monica! I'm home!" Yelled my dad. 

"Who the hell is that?" Harry whispered.

"My dad," I whispered back. "And he doesn't like it when I date bad boys." He made a face that said, Does it look like I fucking care?! 

"Oh hello, Monica. Who's this?" My dad clenched his jaw. 

"Dad don't overreact. He's just a friend." My back pocket buzzed.


From: Harry

For now. 


What that was supposed to mean, I have no clue. Harry took my hand. He intertwined our fingers. He whispered in my ear, "Take me outside." 

We sliped past my dad, and went outside.

"What the hell was that? Holding my hand in front of my dad! Your crazy!" 

"I'm not crazy!"

"Yes you are! You could've gotten me grounded. Then we wouldn't have Friday to look forward to. What would you do then? Hmm? I'm-" I was cut off. By his lips crashing into mine. I fought against him for a second, then I gradually started to sink into the kiss. 

His tounge glided against my bottom lip. Asking for permission. I granted it. His tounge fought against mine for dominance. He won. He broke the kiss, putting his forehead on mine. "Now I'm crazy." 

I took a long look into our situation. My hands were caught in his now tangled hair, his arms were around my waist. 

His eyes had darkened with lust. His lips were reddened from our steamy kiss. "I'll pick you up at 7:30." He pecked my lips once more.

What the hell just happened?

Oh my god. They kissed, in chapter three! Big step. Hmm what do you think? Comment, like, and favorite. I hope you enjoyed chapter three!

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