Angel With A Shotgun

Your a bad idea, but I like bad ideas.


10. Chapter Ten

Ever since Harry and I have run away, the news was chaotic. Supposedly the police were looking everywhere. They even looked at my dead grandmas house which was left to me. 

I wonder why I didn't think of that. 

The dreams haven't come back since I've slept with him and I guess that's a good thing. I don't want Harry to walk out on me just because of a bad dream. 

I miss Danny. I don't miss my parents though. They were the ones who put me here. They were the ones who put it out on themselves. If they didn't hate Harry so much maybe I would've stayed. But no, they had to ruin everything. 

Harry got a job working as a mechanic. Apparently he was good with cars. I got a job working at the local grocery store. Because I was an employee I got coupons to buy the food for Louis' house every week. 

Louis works as a bartender. He even whipped up Harry and I a "sex on the beach." It was delicious. 

"Hey Monica," a girl named Brittany yelled. "How's your boyfriend? You know, the one with all the tattoos." She was extremely jealous of me because I got a hot boyfriend, and she didn't. 

"He's fine, now do your job. Before Liam gets out here." The next customer wheeled their cart up to pay for their food. 

I was surprised to see Harry standings there. "Who's Liam?" He said. 

"He's my boss Harry. Now put your items on the scale." He still didn't budge. "Ha-"

"Keep quiet. The police are here." 

Brittany spoke up. "Why are you two wanted or something?" I nodded. She gaped.

Harry grabbed my arm, threw me in passenger seat, and started the car. I rubbed my arm. It probably was going to bruise. 

"Now tell me. Who is Liam?" He said. I sighed. 

"Harry he isn't anything to me like that. I love you."

"I know you love me, and I love you too, but what does Liam look like?" All of the gears in my head started to turn. 

"Oh, he has brown hair, with brown eyes, and he's about six foot one."

"God damnit, Monica! He's the one stalking your dreams. He was sent by your parents to give you nightmares about the future of us." He paused. "Those dreams were real. Well they will be. Soon if we don't get the hell out of here. How much money do you have on you?"

"All I have is $650. You?" He checked his wallet.

"$785," he looked at me. "We have enough to buy an apartment. In Marysville."

I looked at him. He looked at me. I leaned up and kissed him. 

And that is the end of chapter ten. I hope you liked it. Don't forget to comment, like, and favorite. I love you all.

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