Angel With A Shotgun

Your a bad idea, but I like bad ideas.


6. Chapter Six

It wasn't alright. I was trapped and Harry couldn't save me. While I was being touched by  them, Harry was getting beaten for trying to help me. 

I walked downstairs to my, small yet slightly, happy family. "Morning dad, Danny." 

"Your awful happy, considering you did a lot of screaming last night," dad said. I screamed? Was it that horrible? 

"Was that his name? Harry? The boy you brought by yesterday?" I nodded. "You know how I feel about boys like that. It hurts me to know that he's only using you for your body." I frowned. 

"Dad. I told you not to overreact. He wouldn't do that to me. He told me."

"Really? He told you? When?"

"Yesterday. Right before he left." I smirked. He frowned.

Someone knocked on the door. I smiled. It was Harry. He knocked again. "Coming!" I shouted. I opened the door to a smiling Harry. I smiled back. He walked into the door frame. 

I kissed him. He kissed back. We kissed until my father tapped my shoulder. I slapped his hand away. He angrily shoved us apart. "Do not touch my daughter without my consent. Understand me, boy?"

Harry saluted him. "Yes sir." He stood taller, is arms were pressed against his side's. I laughed. My father didn't find it very funny. 

"Dad, he can touch me whenever, and wherever he wants." As if to prove a point Harry touched my ass. I smacked it away, as he smirked. Although my father didn't go on without seeing it. His face burned red with anger, and frustration. 

Before my father blew up in his face I took Harry's hand, and ran upstairs to my room. He turned around while I got dressed. I put on my black lace bra with matching underwear. Then I put on my favorite crop top that said "pizza is my bae." Then I put on some black jeans with my white converse. 

Harry turned around, and his jaw actually dropped. But I wasn't done yet so I went into my bathroom to put on mascara and eyeliner with some eyeshadow. 

I turned around again to see my father standing directly behind me. "Gah! Dad you scared me."

"Don't go with him, please. Stay with me and Danny." 

"No dad want to go with him. He cares for me. Like I care for him." He gave me a strange look. "I'll be fine dad. Don't worry."

"But it's my job to worry for you, Danny, and your mother. I just can't help being scared for you."

"Its okay daddy. I'll be fine. I love you," I said as I was walking out the door. Harry was waiting for me in his car. 

Danny was yelling goodbye through the window. 

What I want to know is where Harry will be taking me to?

Oh my god. Three chapters in one day. It was worth it. Please remember to comment, like, and favorite. I hope you enjoyed chapter six.

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