Angel With A Shotgun

Your a bad idea, but I like bad ideas.


7. Chapter Seven

Harry took me to the fair, the movies, and dinner. It was beautiful. He would get jealous even if a guy looked at me. By far he was the most handsome male there. Same with the movies and dinner. All the women would stare in jealousy, and pure hatred. By the time he brought me home, I was sure every girl in town loathed me. I loved it. 

Afterward Harry brought me home, to my father and brother. When I opened the door, there was my mom, dad, and my brother watching Harry leave the driveway. 

I ran over to my mother smelling her sweet perfume, and motherly scent. She held me carefully. Like I could break at any moment. 

"I don't trust that boy. He doesn't look good to me. He even kissed you like he owned you." She paused. "I don't want you to see him again. Understand? He's trash. No good. Monica I forbid you to see him." 

"Mom, you can't be serious. He cares for me." 

"Monica, mommy wike Hawwy too. He was nice to me. Even if he's awms scawed me." Danny said. I smiled down at him. 

"Monica, you mother is right. Listen to her," said my father.

"But daddy, I love him!" I said that before I could stop the words from forming. 

"You wove him?" Asked Danny. I looked down at my four year old brother who had no idea what love was. I nodded. 

My father, mother,and my brother gasped. I ran up to my room so I wouldn't have to face my family and the humiliation. I grabbed my phone. 


To: Harry 

Come pick me up. I want to leave this town.


I set my phone down just as it buzzed.


From: Harry 


To: Harry

Because my parents won't let me see you anymore. They've forbidden it. 

From: Harry

Okay I'm coming over right now. You might want to grab some clothes:)

To: Harry

I'm packing now. 


I grabbed my backpack emptying its contents and stuffing it with clothes, and other necessities. I grabbed some water, and food. Who knows how long we would be gone, before we get caught. 

No doubt that my parents would send out police to look for me. 

Tap, tap, tap. Tap, tap, tap. 

I walked over to my window opening it for Harry. He climbed through it with ease. He walked over to me and kissed me. 

I moaned into the kiss. I broke away. He did too. He looked like he wanted to tell me something. I spoke first.

"I need to tell you something." I told him.

"So do I." He said.

"I love you." We said in unison.

And that was the beginning of our adventure.

So what do you think? I know what your all thinking 'why so soon?' Well I had originally planned it out this way. I hope you enjoyed chapter seven! And it is freaking late! Four chapters a day is what I'm going for here, so expect a lot of updates. Ily!

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