Angel With A Shotgun

Your a bad idea, but I like bad ideas.


9. Chapter Nine

When we arrived at his friends house there were kids running everywhere. They were on the sidewalk, in the house, on the street, they were everywhere! I have never in my entire life seen so many children in one place. It was amazing.  

Harry looked at me and smiled. 

Just then a man walked out of the house carrying a baby in his arms. "Harry!" He said. 

"Louis!" Cried Harry. I looked at him in confusion. This was his friend? I raised a brow. "Louis, this is my girlfriend, Monica. Monica this is my good friend Louis."

"Pleased to meet you." I said pasting a fake smile on my face. 

"Your very beautiful. Now I see what you've been talking about, mate!" He said to Harry.  

"Lou," Harry stated, "we need someplace to say."

"Why? Don't you have your own house?" He looked at me. "I don't suppose you still live with your parents. Do you?" I nodded. 

"You see, Louis, we're on the run. My parents wouldn't let us be together so we ran away. We don't have any money on us so we need a place to stay. Please."

Harry looked at me. Louis looked between the two of us. Then he did the thing I least expected him to, he straight up laughed. 

"You can't be serious. You ran away with him? Well they'll never find you then." He snorted. "But yes until you get back on your feet I'll let you stay here. 

Then I did the thing I least expected myself to do. I ran up to him and hugged him. I hugged him so hard so that he couldn't breathe. 

Louis gave us a room, together. He said we could share it as long as there was no funny business. Harry and I laughed.  

When we got our sleepwear on, he went to the bathroom. I went to bed. 

Just as sleep was about to take me, I felt the bed dip down. I felt Harry's hands roam my side's. I felt his arms around my waist. I felt him kiss my hair. 

I drifted off to sleep that night with nothing but pleasant thoughts in my head. Maybe it was Harry's presence that scared off the nightmares, that haunted my mind and danced behind my eyelids. 

​Well. How was chapter nine? I personally liked the ending. Well of chapter nine anyway. No updates tomorrow. I have a dentist appointment and I'm getting a new cat. So yeah. I hope you all have great nights thank you for reading. I love you!


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