The 100th Hunger games (5SOS!!)

Sweat stuck to his forehead, and his blond quiff was falling out of perfection. His face was covered in blood and his blue eyes were menacing. "You wouldn't kill me!" He snarled, trying to look hard, even though I could see the fear in his eyes. I raised my bloody knife higher. I didn't know what to do. Not until he shouted the words I could of begged to hear. "STOP! DONT KILL ME. IM SORRY. PLEASE DONT! WAIT, I KNOW WHERE MICHAEL IS!"


2. Ashella's POV

"So I have a chance if being in the Hunger games, huh?" I said cockily to my dad, chewing some bacon flavoured chewing gum.

"Yeah, and your gonna whip their asses if you do!" He replied, throwing a knife at the target.

I gave a little laugh, as I pulled my auburn hair into a messy bit cool high pony tail, and put my mint green aviators on my head.

Smirking, I picked up a spear and threw it to the other side of the room.

"Oh. My. God!" Weckter said, as he came over and kissed me on the cheek. I wiped of the spit as he carried on speaking.

"That was like a OMG moment. Hun, that was SPECTACULAR. Come round to the coffee shop, it'll be on meeee!" He squealed, sounding gay.

Yes, he's a guy. And he kisses girls on the cheek. Gross!

"Oh weckter, I would 'larrrve' to, but I can't. I'm cleaning out the stables tonight" I fake pouted, and saying 'love' like 'larrrve' like he does.

And by the way, I have servants who do the stables…

He copied me by pouting and muttered a goodbye. I rolled my eyes and headed home.

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