The 100th Hunger games (5SOS!!)

Sweat stuck to his forehead, and his blond quiff was falling out of perfection. His face was covered in blood and his blue eyes were menacing. "You wouldn't kill me!" He snarled, trying to look hard, even though I could see the fear in his eyes. I raised my bloody knife higher. I didn't know what to do. Not until he shouted the words I could of begged to hear. "STOP! DONT KILL ME. IM SORRY. PLEASE DONT! WAIT, I KNOW WHERE MICHAEL IS!"


1. "What is the plan for this year?"

"So, Jennak, what is this years theme, hmmm?" Seacray asked. Jennak is Ceaser's son, and replaced him when Ceaser passed away with a heart attack, four years ago.

Jennak dyed his hair a lot, just like a typical Capitolian. (Someone from the Capitol). His silver eyes twinkled in the spotlight and his skintight outfit disgusted many of the other districts. But in the Capitol it was fashion.

Seacray was entirely different. To start with, she was a girl, which was rare for her job. She had long, natural brunette curls and amythist coloured eyes.

Jennak replied "well, this year, I wanted something memorable and unforgettable. So we thought of the current Victors and there family's. Because we have given so much of our appreciation and generosity, we decided to let them have a bit of entertainment. So, with that said, the commencing Hunger Games will orderteir from the Victors children. Happy hunger games, and may the odds be ever in your favour!"

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