Crybaby Bridge

One night when Jaz and Jack are bored they decide to go out deep in the woods to crybaby bridge. They wanna see for themselves… and the myths true?


6. Chapter 6

We started heading back to the car, and the breeze started back up.

I was already cold, but I'd rather have the breeze than the creepy stillness or the hard blowing wind.

"Ugh, my head" Jack kept moaning.

"I know we're almost to the car, I'll look at it when we get there."

It seemed like it too us hours to get back to the car, but if really took like 25 minutes, and it took that long because it was dark and hard to find the way.

"Okay now let's have a look at your head." I opened the back door for him to sit so I could see the cut. It was still bleeding. "Okay I have water to wash it out, it's going to hurt so, here hold on to my shirt and squeeze."

I grabbed napkins I found in the glove box, and pour water onto them to clean the area around the cut to see how deep it was.

"Shit Jaz!" Jack was holding tight onto the waist of my pants now, cursing as I poured the water onto the cut.

"I have to clean it! Hold on I'm almost done. I just gotta wipe it up then wrap it." I was looking for something to wrap it with.

We started hearing noises coming from the woods and looked at each other. "It's probably just a small animal or something, do you have something in your car for me to wrap your head?!" I was searching frantically.

More noises were coming from the woods. "Jack! Do you have something?!"

"Gosh Damn! I have a pounding headache don't be so freaking loud!" He said, his eyes were closed and he had his head leaning against the door.

The noises sound like they were getting louder. "Shit! Screw it" I ripped the bottom of my cami off and wrapped it around his head.

"Give me the keys, you're not driving with your head like that." I took the keys from Jack.

I helped him into the passenger seat and shut the door. As I walked around to the driver side I heard the noises coming closer. I stopped to listen. It sounded like something was crawling towards us. I hurried and ran to the driver seat. I'm not gonna stand around and watch some little possessed baby crawl out of those woods!

I tried to start the car but it wasn't turning on. "Shit, shit, shit! Nooo, come on please!" I hit the steering wheel.

"What is that thing coming from behind the bush?" Jack pointed to the wooded area.

"I don't want to freaking find out!" I urged "Damn it! Fucking turn on!" After two more tires it was finally on. I feel like I had to will that to work!

Just as the headlights turned on, the creature came out onto the road.

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