Crybaby Bridge

One night when Jaz and Jack are bored they decide to go out deep in the woods to crybaby bridge. They wanna see for themselves… and the myths true?


24. Chapter 24

My mom and Jack just looked at each other.

"Well?!" I almost yelled.

"I told you to wait in the car until I got back." Jack said irritated.

"How the hell are you gonna tell me to wait in the car?! You knew about whatever is going on and you didn't tell me?!?! You knew what this was doing to me and you didn't say shit!!" I was beyond pissed now.

"Okay sweetheart, calm down. come sit down so we can talk about all of this," my mom looked at Jack.

I just stood in the door way. After about a minute of silence my mother started talking.

"Well, Jack has been telling me about these dreams and visions you have been having. Sweetie, they aren't just dreams. They are memories. Well at least slightly altered ones depending on stuff you have heard about the myths." I just looked at her.

She continued. "I never gave you to that woman. She kidnapped you. She had a horrible obsession with your father. She believed I was the reason he left her. And she blamed you for not being able to get him back. She wanted to torture him, but when he died in the accident before you were born, she turned her hatred even more towards me. Tried everything to break me. She knew the thing that mattered most in life to me was you. So to break my world, she took you." She was crying now, I knelt down in front of her and grabbed her hands that were resting on her lap.

I didn't really know what to say.

"How did you find me?"

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