Crybaby Bridge

One night when Jaz and Jack are bored they decide to go out deep in the woods to crybaby bridge. They wanna see for themselves… and the myths true?


22. Chapter 22

No, no this can't be happening. What did she just say?? There's no way that little girl can be me!? It's not possible!! My mother wouldn't keep this from me!!

"W-w-what did you say?" Im so confused..

The images around me started to fade.

"Jazmyn?" I hear a whisper as Eliza starts fading away.

"Jazmyn?! Come on wake up please!" The voice sounds familiar.

"Wait no! I can't leave yet! What do you mean?! Eliza!!!" Then everything disappeared...

"Jazmyn! Oh my god you're okay!" Jack held me tight. He was kneeling next to me, I was still laying on the ground.

"What happened?" I sat up on my elbows and looked around, grabbing my shoulder in pain.

"Be careful. You got hit by a huge branch, you were out for a while, you started to scare me! Oh my god I'm so happy you woke up." He said again hugging me tighter than before.

"Ow Jack, that hurts my shoulder." I winced in pain.

He slid the shoulder part of my shirt down.

"Gosh damn it." He said under his breath.

"What is it bad?" I asked trying to look over my shoulder to see it. "Ow! Motherfucker!" That shit hurt.

"Yeah, don't do that. There's a cut that's bleeding, and it's bruised all around it. Come on let's get back to my house so we can get you cleaned up." Jack picked me up and carried me to the car bridal style.

The car ride was quick with Jack driving. The whole time I was trying to make sense of what happened.

"Jaz? You okay?" Jack asked as we pulled into his driveway.

"Huh, what? Oh, yeah I'm fine."

We got inside and he started cleaning up my wound and bandaging it. I guess I was still zoning out thinking about what happened because Jack was calling my name snapping his fingers in front of my face.

"Hello? Jaz? Heeellllloooo?!"

"Huh what?"

"Jaz, what happened back at the bridge? When you were out, you were shaking and crying. Did you see something?"

I guess I did have to tell him.

"Uh, yeah actually I did. That woman I saw that threw the baby over the bridge, her name is Eliza. And the baby's name is Jazmyn, she didn't die either. This man saved her from the water, cleaned her up, and took her home." Jack was sitting on the couch next to me so I laid my head on his lap because everything was giving me a headache.

He started running my head, "Is that all that happened?" Jack asked.

"No, Eliza made a comment to me right before I woke up." I sat up and looked Jack straight in the eyes. "She said that child was me…"

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