Crybaby Bridge

One night when Jaz and Jack are bored they decide to go out deep in the woods to crybaby bridge. They wanna see for themselves… and the myths true?


18. Chapter 18

"How could you do that?!" I screamed. "It was just a child! It didn't know any better! It didn't get to live a life! You just killed it!" I had hot tears streaming down my face as I yelled at the figure.

"I knew you'd be here. I only did what was best for the child." She seemed so calm like she didn't just take a life.

"What was best!?!? Fucking killing the child was best for it!? You are seriously fucking messed up!"

"It was best for the child. You of all people should know."

"How the hell am I suppose to know?!" I was furious.

"Just take a look." She guided me to the edge to look down. As soon as I did the setting around me changed. I was now at the bottom of the bridge, looking at the water.

There was a man there, holding the baby. Trying to bring it back to life. The baby looked lifeless, so fragile.

"Come on baby, breathe!" He was trying to resuscitate the child.

I slowly crept forward to look at the child and the man. Tears were strolling down my face.

Please, ppllleeeeaaassseeee wake up I whispered to myself.

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