Crybaby Bridge

One night when Jaz and Jack are bored they decide to go out deep in the woods to crybaby bridge. They wanna see for themselves… and the myths true?


16. Chapter 16

We pulled up to the area outside I woods leading to the bridge at 8:47pm. It was dark, I pulled out a flashlight I brought with. This may take a while, who knows.

I started walking through the woods Jack following close behind. As we reached the edge of the bridge, clouds started covering the night sky.

We waited around for something. But nothing was happening.

"Jazmyn, are you sure this is going to work? I don't think we have to be out here, plus I really don't want to be. My back is still throbbing."

"Then go back to the car, Jack. I have to be here, I have to know what's going on. There is a reason for all of this and I am going to find out."

Right as I said that it all started.

The wind started picking up.

"Okay Jack, wait by the trees. Something is going to start up."

"No I'm staying by you."

"Jack, please. You won't be that far, just go."

"Fine, but I'm not keeping my eyes off you, I don't need you getting hurt." With that he walked back where I told him to.

The wind started blowing horribly, it was foggy. Everything started blowing everywhere. Leaves, sticks, dirt, everything.

"Jazmyn! Watch out!" I turned to look at Jack, but before I could something hit me. Then I saw nothing.

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