Crybaby Bridge

One night when Jaz and Jack are bored they decide to go out deep in the woods to crybaby bridge. They wanna see for themselves… and the myths true?


11. Chapter 11

I was stuck. Couldn't move. Frozen in fear.

The crying grew louder and louder. The wind started picking up horribly. Tree branches and everything around the house was being blown everywhere.

I started pounding on the door calling for Jack but there was no way he heard me, I couldn't even hear myself over the wind and crying.

Creaking of stairs was coming from behind me. I was so scared, slowly I peered over my shoulder. I had my back to the door and slid down it terrified of what was now in front of me.

It looked like a shadow or silhouette of a woman, holding a crying baby.

Tears started rolling down my face, but I could say or do anything.

"Shhh… stop crying…… stop crying… STOP CRYING!!!!" The figure started yelling. As soon as she yelled the last one, the wind stopped. Was she yelling at me? Or the baby?

She started taking steps slowly towards me. I pressed my back hard against the door, knowing I was stuck. Her hand reached out toward me, as if she was trying to grab me. I couldn't go anywhere. Her hand was inches from my face, I turned so she would have touched my cheek.

I held my breath and closed my eyes when she was an inch away. Right as she was about to touch my face I fell backward.

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